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OpenIGO invites you to become a member of its network, in its search to develop international careers and greater democratization of recruitment and selection processes in both the UN System and at other intergovernmental organizations.

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You can take part in our network in different ways


As a user, you use our products and services, which will help you develop your international career. Take an active part in our forums; read articles in our online magazine; follow our social networks; take part in our courses; look for job vacancies on our system; find out more about different job programs on our website; seek our coaches’ assistance to develop your career, and prepare for selection processes with our books, and many other options.


Author of the online magazine and social networks

Would you like to share your experience and knowledge of internships and jobs at the UN or intergovernmental organizations with OpenIGO network members? Send your article or report to the following email address: openigo@openigo.com . If approved, your text will be published in our online magazine and on our social networks, reaching thousands of people around the globe.

Author of books and courses

Do you have experience at intergovernmental organizations, whether as an intern or CEO, and would like to share this through books or courses? Join our network of highly qualified professionals.

As a publisher, OpenIGO is responsible for the entire publication process: it reviews the text; edits the book; protects copyrights through DRM mechanisms; prepares the cover; advertises through its website and social networks; registers the ISBN; in other words, it does everything to make your book a success.

If you would like to develop a course, OpenIGO will help; this includes creating the outline and indicating the technologies required, so it can be disseminated as widely as possible.

Send an email to: openigo@openigo.com with a concept page, containing your idea for a book or course.


Coach and Mentor

Do you have extensive experience of working in the UN System or other intergovernmental organizations and would like to help other people to develop their international careers? If the answer is yes, OpenIGO invites you to join its network of prestigious coaches and mentors who are helping professionals from a wide range of countries to make their dreams come true.

Send an email to: openigo@openigo.com with your curriculum vitae and a cover letter, explaining why you would like to become a mentor or coach.


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