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Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - Young Professionals Program (AIIB YPP 2022)

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – Young Professionals Program (AIIB YPP 2022)

Program Overview

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Young Professionals Program (better known as the AIIB YPP) is an annual initiative focused on the selection and recruitment of distinguished and highly qualified young professionals from different parts of the world. Every year, thousands of candidates apply for a chance to work as an international civil servant with the Bank. The applicants selected are invited to take part in a professional development program, so that they can start a successful career with the organization. Furthermore, the AIIB YPP Salary is a good start point for a young professional.

The AIIB Young Professionals Program application represents a great entry opportunity for professionals with little experience who are looking to kick-start their career at the organization. The positions offered to candidates who succeed in this selection process are entry-level professional posts and, therefore, do not require extensive work experience.

Because of the above-mentioned reason, in addition to a competitive remuneration package, career mobility and the support that successful candidates receive once they are assigned to a position at the organization, this selection process is highly sought-after by many young professionals, making it highly competitive. Only 8 to 12 YPs are admitted to the Program (only one per citizenship)!

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AIIB YPP – Products & Services

AIIB Overview

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a multilateral development bank with a mission to improve social and economic outcomes in Asia. Headquartered in Beijing, we began operations in January 2016 and have now grown to 102 approved members worldwide. By investing in sustainable infrastructure and other productive sectors in Asia and beyond, we will better connect people, services and markets that over time will impact the lives of billions and build a better future.

AIIB’s main focus: to improve social and economic outcomes in Asia.

Themes addressed by the AIIB:

  • Infrastructure development;
  • Environment (including climate change);
  • Regional cooperation and integration;
  • Finance sector development;
  • Education

Description of the AIIB YPP

What are the fields of study required for the AIIB YPP?

The Bank seeks to recruit Young Professionals with at least 2-year experience in the following areas:

  • International finance;
  • Regional integration initiatives;
  • Urban planning;
  • Energy, including renewables and energy efficiency;
  • Transportation, including roads, railways, ports, and airports;
  • Roads;
  • Environmental management, telecommunications; water, sanitation and waste management;
  • Other infrastructure-related fields

What is the duration of the AIIB YPP?

YPs admitted to the Program will be offered a two-year contract with a competitive salary and benefit package. The first year of the Program is probationary. Upon successful completion of the full two-year Program, based on performance and institutional needs, high-performing YPs may be offered a 3-year renewable staff contract.

What is the weekly workload of the AIIB YPP?

The program is full-time. Therefore, selected candidates work between 35 and 40 hours per week. Work on weekends may be required.

Where are the locations of the AIIB YPP?

YPs will be initially placed in one of the departments in the Headquarters (Beijing, China) where they can gain foundational experience of AIIB’s operations. The YP Program will be generally comprised of 2 to 3 rotational assignments over the two years. During those assignments YPs will be exposed to a range of tasks and activities primarily in the investment operations; policy and strategy; and financial/risk/treasury departments.

 Subsequent employment:

Towards the end of the program, YPs are encouraged to seek internal opportunities should they wish to remain in the Bank.

AIIB YPP - Salary

The AIIB YPP salary is similar to the Asian Development Bank, with initial term at 80k-90k/yr with performance review after the 2 years contract. Therefore, the total salary may range from 80k up to 120k USD/per year, depending on the professional and academic background.

In addition, the AIIB offers a range of benefits for their young professionals as described below:

AIIB YPP Benefits

YPs and their families will be provided options of comprehensive medical, dental, vision and wellness benefits. The Bank also provides basic life and accident insurance to all YPs at no cost, and YPs can elect optional life and accident insurance plans.

Pension Plan: YPs are entitled to retirement benefits under the defined contribution plan. Upon separation from the Bank, a lump sum will become payable to the YPs based on eligibility.

Location Premium: YPs are provided location premium as a supplement to compensate for working and living in Beijing. Currently it is expressed at 23% of base salary.

AIIB YPP - Requirements

What is the education requirement of the AIIB YPP?

A minimum of an MBA/Master’s degree or equivalent from an internationally recognized institution.

Degrees in finance/banking; business administration; economics; energy; transportation; engineering; urban planning; water and sanitation; environmental management; telecommunications, accounting; and public policy, are preferred.

Specialization in a field such as investment banking, project and micro/macro-economic analysis, treasury management, strategy and policy development, risk analysis, etc. Candidates with experience in areas which will support AIIB’s institutional priorities, i.e. sustainable infrastructure, cross-country connectivity and private capital mobilization, are encouraged to apply.

Certificates such as CFA, FRM, or other professional qualifications is not mandatory but will be a plus.

What is the language requirement of the AIIB YPP?

The Bank’s working language is English. Successful candidates should be fully fluent in both written and oral English and have excellent communications skills.

YPs must be able to produce English language documentation at the standard expected in an international organization.

 AIIB YPP Age Limit:

YPs must be under age 32 (i.e. born on or after August 31, 1988).

What is the AIIB YPP nationality requirement?

The AIIB YPP is open to candidates from all economies.

What are the competences required for the AIIB YPP?

  • Demonstrate leadership potential,
  • Possess excellent communication, analytical, organizational and interpersonal skills

 Other requirements:

Minimum of 2 years of professional experience relevant to the job role.

AIIB YPP - Application Process

When to apply for the AIIB YPP:

The AIIB accepts applications for one/two months, generally in December until February. Applications for the AIIB YPP 2020 opened in December 20 (2019) and were extended to February 28 (2020). It is recommended to check the application period directly on the AIIB’s website.

 How to apply for the AIIB YPP?

The application process is done via AIIB’s e-recruitment system and comprises the following steps:

  • Filling out the candidate online profile: personal information; education, training, employment history;
  • Submitting the required documents: CV; AIIB YPP Cover Letter; certificates and other attachments (if applicable).

 What are the phases of the selection process for the AIIB YPP 2020?

The selection process for the AIIB YPP comprises the following steps:

  • Application Period
  • Review of Applications
  • YPP Interview
  • Exams and Assessments
  • Decision and offers communicated
  • Cohort starts

With the aim of highly increasing your chances of success in this stage of the selection process, OpenIGO Network has put together a thorough Application Review service for AIIB YPP candidates, to help you prepare your documents with extreme care and enhance the quality of your application.

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AIIB YPP – Application Review

AIIB YPP - Interview

The AIIB YPP interview process generally includes two stages: a) Personality Assessment Interview (online); b) On-Site Interview (AIIB’s HQ – Beijing). The following sections will elucidate the differences between these two stages.

 1. Personality online assessment interview

The personality assessment AIIB YPP interview is conducted online (by video conference) and functions as a selection phase for long-listing candidates. This phase aims to identify the presence of soft skills and general aspects of the candidates’ personality. Below, are provided examples of personality interview questions to help you understand further:

 Personality interview questions*

  • If your manager asked you to complete a task you thought impossible at first, how would you go about it?
  • Tell me about a time you had to fill in for someone. Were you successful? How did the experience make you feel?
  • Tell me about a time you missed (or almost missed) a deadline. How did you react when you realized you were falling behind? What did that experience teach you?
  • Do you prefer working in a team or on your own? Why?`
  • If you could change one thing about your personality at the snap of your fingers what would it be and why?
  • Tell me about a time your manager wasn’t satisfied with the results of your work. How did you discuss the issues and what did you do differently the next time?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What types of activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

*(Extracted from: https://resources.workable.com/personality-interview-questions)

 2. On-Site Interview (AIIB’s Head Quarters).

 After the Online AIIB YPP interview, the Shor-Listed candidates are invited to the AIIB Head Quarter (Beijing, China), with all related costs sponsored, to a panel interview. For the On-Site Interview, AIIB uses the traditional and technical interview model with the purpose of testing the candidates’ technical knowledge and their domain about the organization’s operations and objectives. 

Candidates are usually asked two types of questions:

  • Introductory and traditional questions (questions regarding the main motivation that led the candidate to apply for the AIIB YPP or questions about their experience and employment history.
  • Technical questions regarding their working area or development and Asia oriented

Below, we present some examples of questions that may be asked on this type of interview:

  • Where do you see Asia’s financial service industry going?
  • Why do you think you are a perfect fit for this job?
  • What should be done to foster economic growth on the Asia & Pacific region?
  • Describe a time you worked in a team, the challenges you faced and your contributions
  • How would you develop the Bond market in Asia?
  • How a cross border transaction, especially lending or financing transaction, work in practice?

To help you feel more secure and greatly improve your performance during the AIIB YPP interview stage, OpenIGO Network has developed a mock interview, as per the AIIB YPP model, with a specialized professional who has extensive experience.

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AIIB YPP – Mock Interview

What are the documents to submit for the AIIB YPP?

The application process requires you to submit:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume;
  • Cover Letter;
  • Academic transcripts

What is the evaluation criteria for the AIIB YPP?

Recruiters will seek to identify whether applicants’ academic and professional experience is relevant to the Bank’s activities, as well as evaluate their job expectations and level of knowledge about the institution’s work.

 Other information:

Selected YPs will work with the Bank’s staff to develop, enhance and leverage their professional skills and expertise while acquiring hands-on experience. Working with clients in Asia’s public and private sectors, YPs will gain a deep understanding of, and broader perspectives on the Region’s infrastructure development and financing challenges and opportunities. YPs will receive mentoring, training, career guidance and development opportunities to enable them to grow and develop professionally.

YPs will work primarily in AIIB’s investment operations, policy and strategy, and finance/treasury/risk departments. Applicants who wish to pursue careers in other specialized areas (e.g., communications, legal affairs, administration, etc.) should apply through the Bank’s regular recruitment channels.

For further information on the young professionals program contact: youth@aiib.org

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