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World Bank Group YPP - FAQ

World Bank Group YPP – FAQ

  • WBG YPP Minimum requirements
    • Nationality requirements

      Does a specific nationality have any impact on the selection process?
      The WBG seeks diversity in its working environment, accepting candidates from all nationalities with preference to nationals from its member countries or countries of operations. However, there is no nationality quota in the World Bank YPP.

      I have dual citizenship. Which one should I use when applying?
      The WBG should be advised of both citizenships. In the case of American citizenship, this takes precedence over any other.

      Are there nationality quotas in the selection process?
      There are no nationality quotas in the selection process.

      I am a refugee but I meet all the minimum criteria to apply. Will my refugee status affect my application?

      My nationality is from a WBG member country but I live in another. Does this affect my World Bank YPP application in any way?
      No. You are not required to apply from your home country.

    • Age requirements

      Is there any flexibility regarding the age limit of the Young Professionals Program?
      The age requirement for the selection process is extremely rigid and there is no flexibility regarding the age limit to apply for selection.

      I know that there is a maximum age to take part in the program but is there a minimum age?
      18 years old.

      What is a young professional’s average age?
      Around 30 years old.

    • Academic qualifications requirements

      I have the professional experience required to apply for the selection process but I do not hold a Master’s qualification. Am I eligible?
      Holding a Master’s qualification and a minimum of three years of professional experience is the minimum requirement to be able to apply for the World Bank placement. However, you may apply for the IFC and MIGA placement if you hold an MBA in a relevant field to these organizations and four years of professional work experience.

      Are those holding a doctorate (PhD) qualification more competitive in the YPP than those with a Master’s?
      There is no preference, providing that the minimum criteria requested are met. In addition to these qualifications, other factors will be considered, such as the Organization’s needs, work experience and the specialized field or sector, among others.

      My Master’s course did not require production of a thesis or dissertation. Is it still recognized by the World Bank Group YPP?
      Yes, writing a dissertation or thesis is not a World Bank YPP requirement.

      I hold a Master’s degree and a minimum of three years’ work experience but I am also taking the first year of my doctorate. Can I apply to the World Bank Group YPP?
      Yes. Holding a Master’s degree and three years’ work experience meets the minimum criteria demanded by the program for the World Bank placement.

      I hold a Master’s degree, two years’ work experience and am taking the second year of a doctorate program. Can I apply to the World Bank Group YPP?
      Yes, since you hold a Master’s degree, two years’ professional experience and one year of continued academic study at doctorate level (forming a total of three years).

      What happens if I am accepted on the World Bank Group YPP and have not yet finalized my doctorate thesis?
      If you are accepted on the World Bank YPP, have started the research and have not yet finalized your thesis, you will have to complete it while working at the Bank. We recommend that you finalize your thesis beforehand.

      I hold two Master’s qualifications but I do not have any professional experience, can I apply?
      No. If you hold a Master’s qualification, you should have a minimum of three years’ work experience or four years’ work experience for IFC & MIGA placement.

      My degree, Master’s and doctorate were in different knowledge areas. Is this a problem?
      No, as long as the area of study for the Master’s or doctorate is relevant to the World Bank Group’s work.

      I have met all the requirements of my Master’s course but my diploma will only be available in the future. Can I apply to the World Bank Group YPP?
      Yes, you can apply if you have completed all the obligations of your Master’s course. In this case, please send a letter of culmination or an academic certificate indicating course completion with your academic transcript.

      Do candidates who completed their academic studies at Ivy League universities have a greater chance of being selected on the WBG YPP?
      The WBG YPP selection process accepts candidates from universities from around the world. There are no quotas for this. Selection is based on the WBG’s needs at the time and each candidate’s performance.

    • Language requirements

      Is there an English test or English proficiency certification required during the selection process?
      There are no language tests, nor is certification of a command of English required but it is emphasized that the entire selection process is conducted in English and this aspect will frequently be evaluated in the candidate.

      In addition to proficiency in English, do I need to be fluent in other languages?
      No. A command of English is a prerequisite for applying, however, a command of other languages related to the World Bank Group’s work is a desirable qualification, which strengthens a specific application, since it is a multicultural organization with activities in different regions of the globe.

    • Relevant professional experience

      Is professional experience in a developing country a mandatory criterion?
      No, but it is desirable.

      Is an internship or voluntary work considered professional experience?
      Yes, as long as it is in an area relevant to the WBG and international development.

      Is experience in the field more relevant than office work for the World Bank Group YPP?
      All relevant professional experience is important, both in the field and in offices. Having a mixture of both is ideal.

      How long was the average relevant professional experience for a successful World Bank Group YPP candidate in previous years?
      6 (six) years.

      Professional experience at which types of organizations is more relevant for the World Bank Group YPP?
      There is no single answer. What is important is that the work is relevant for international development in the World Bank’s areas of activity. Experience in the private sector and at non-governmental organizations is considered relevant work. However, work for inter-governmental development organizations and government organizations in developing countries makes the candidate even more competitive.

    • Relevant fields to the World Bank Group

      Is there an employment quota for each WBG area on the WBG YPP?
      No. Appointment will be based on the WBG’s needs at the time and each candidate’s performance.

      What are the main areas of study sought by the WBG YPP?
      The WBG YPP opportunities are directed towards candidates with academic studies which contribute to the World Bank, IFC or MIGA technical/operations areas, such as economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering, urban planning, infrastructure, public-private partnerships, agriculture and natural resources, risk management and insurances among others. It is important to emphasize that the candidate’s educational experience should focus on international development.

      Which areas are not recruited by the WBG YPP?
      People with academic experience connected to support areas, such as computer science, HR, marketing, and languages, are not recruited by the WB YPP.

      I have the professional experience required in international development to apply for the WBG YPP. However, my Master’s/doctorate is not linked to a WBG area of activity. Am I eligible for the program?
      No, your academic background should be in an area of activity relevant to the WBG, independent of your professional experience.

      Does a WBG YPP candidate require academic experience in economics?

    • Experience in Developing Countries

      What is experience in a developing country in the WB YPP’s view?
      The experience in developing countries sought by the WBG refers to real life activities in these locations, with issues related to the different international development topics covered by the World Bank. This may be part-time or full-time work, internships or volunteering with government, non-governmental organizations or companies.

  • WBG YPP Selection Process
    • General Questions

      How is communication made between the WBG YPP team and candidates throughout the selection process?
      Communication is via email. Therefore, it is important to advise the Bank if there is any change to your email address.

      What are the rounds for the World Bank Group YPP selection process?
      The selection process is made up of four rounds: 1) Application and sending in your documents; 2) Technical review; 3) Interviews and assessment center, and; 4) final selection by the vice-presidents.

      Essentially, the first and second rounds of the World Bank Group YPP include reviews of documents, such as curriculum vitae, the essay and letters of recommendation, among other items. Are these reviews carried out using software?
      No. The reviews are carried out by WBG staff. In the first round, Human Resources employees carry out the review. In the second round, the review is carried out by specialists from the candidate’s area of expertise.

      Are psychometric tests applied at any stage of the World Bank Group YPP selection process?
      Psychometric tests are not applied at any stage of the selection. However, it can be expected Computer-based tests for IFC applicants.

      Can I request feedback on my performance during the selection process?
      Feedback can only be requested on the 3rd round (Assessment Center exercises and interview). Information on your performance is only provided if specifically requested by the candidate.

    • Competition, vacancies and quotas

      On average, what is the relation between the number of vacancies and number of World Bank YPP candidates?
      Approximately 6,000 – 10,000 applications for the World Bank YPP are received each year, with around 40 of these being selected.

      How many candidates are accepted on the World Bank Group YPP per year?
      There is no fixed number of vacancies for the World Bank YPP. An average of 40 candidates is accepted each year.

      How much competition is there in each phase?
      1st round: 6,000 – 10,000 candidates; 2nd round: 1,000 candidates; 3rd round: 200 candidates and 4th round: 60 candidates, with approximately 40 being hired as new YPs.

      Are there gender quotas for the World Bank Group YPP?
      There is no type of quota for the WBG YPP.

      Are there nationality quotas for the World Bank Group YPP?
      There is no type of quota for the WBG YPP.

    • Online application Form

      Will the WBG YPP notify candidates of their status throughout the selection process? How will I receive communication?
      Yes. All candidates will be advised of their status in the selection process, both those who have been approved and those who have not, at each stage. Contact will be made using the email address registered by the candidate.

      Will I receive confirmation of receipt for my application?
      Yes. If your application has been made correctly, you will receive a confirmation email directly after submitting your application.

      Can I complete my application in my native language?
      No. The application form and other stages of the selection process must be completed in English.

      Can I change or update any information on my application after submitting my form?
      Once you submit your application, you cannot make any changes or updates.

      Which documents are required for the application?
      The documents required for the application are: Curriculum Vitae (CV), academic certificates and transcripts, abstract of the doctorate thesis and/or Master’s dissertation (if applicable) and application essay.

      Is the application closing time according to the Washington D.C. time zone?

      You cannot change the application following submission. However, I have noticed a mistake in my WBG YPP application. What should I do?
      If this occurs, you should contact WBG by email (yppadmin@worldbankgroup.org). It is important that you include your application number and the item to be updated or corrected.

      How can I be sure that my World Bank Group YPP application was received?
      After completing the online form and sending your documents, you have to press the “submit application” button. Then you should receive a thank you message and a confirmation email. Your application will only have been successful if you receive this email. If not, it is recommended that you resubmit your application.

      Does the application date have any influence on applications?
      No. All applications will be reviewed regardless of whether they are the first or last to be received.

      Should the total number of files to be submitted be less than 5MB or does this apply to each file?
      Each submitted file should be up to 5MB.

    • Curriculum Vitae

      What type of file format should be used for the World Bank YPP Curriculum?
      There is a requirement that the document is in .doc, .docx or pdf format.

      How many pages should my CV for the World Bank YPP contain?
      There is no limit to the number of pages. However, it is recommended that the document is a maximum of three pages in length. For more information, click here!

      Is there a defined model or format for a CV for the World Bank YPP?
      The WBG does not request a defined structure when preparing your CV.

      Should I follow the UN curriculum model for the World Bank YPP?
      The UN CV model is not required. The WBG does not request that candidates use any specific model when preparing a CV.

      Do I need to send a cover letter to the World Bank YPP?
      You do not need to include a cover letter, as there is space to include comments on the application form.

    • Academic transcripts and certificates

      Which certificates and academic transcripts should be submitted on application?
      All of your higher education certificates and course transcripts (first level university degree, Master’s and doctorate) should be sent, including doctorate study in progress. You do not need to send secondary education documents.

      If the candidate has more than one degree or Master’s qualification, should the certificates and academic transcripts be sent for both?
      The candidate can register a maximum of five higher education courses. Therefore, if a candidate has two Master’s degrees, there is space to register this on the application system. However, this should only be included and documents sent if both courses are in areas relevant to the WBG’s activities. If this is not the case, only send the documents for the course which is relevant to the application.

      Should I translate the certificates and academic transcript into English?
      The certificates and academic transcripts that you are sending do not require translation. If the Bank is not able to understand them, they will ask you to re-send translated versions.

      What information should be included on the transcript?
      There is no requirement from the WBG regarding information which must be included on the transcript. However, it is important that the following data is included: when the course was started; when it was completed or when completion is estimated and the grades obtained on the course.

      My doctorate is a research-only degree – with no coursework. Should I still send a school transcript?
      Yes. You should submit all of your higher education transcripts and certificates. Ask your university for a certificate which proves that you are enrolled on a PhD program, including the following information: when you started, your adviser and the predicted completion date.

      Can I send just the certificates and transcripts of my highest qualification?
      No. All of your higher education certificates and academic transcripts should be sent.

      Is the academic score important in the World Bank YPP evaluation?
      Your full academic record will be considered as part of your application. The majority of the YPs demonstrate good academic performance but other aspects will be evaluated, such as relevant professional work experience, skills held and the Bank’s needs.

    • PhD/Master’s abstract

      Is there a word limit when writing the doctorate thesis or Master’s dissertation abstract?
      Yes. The doctorate thesis and/or Master’s dissertation abstracts must contain a maximum of 500 words.

      If my Master’s or doctorate program did not require writing a dissertation or thesis, am I still eligible for the program?
      Yes. Writing a thesis or dissertation is not a World Bank YPP minimum requirement.

      If my Master’s and/or doctorate program did not require writing a dissertation or thesis, should I send an example of a text that I have written?
      No. You do not need to send a writing sample.

      Should the dissertations and/or theses focus on one or more developing countries?
      There are no specific requirements for your dissertation or thesis. However, your application is strengthened if the questions that you have analyzed in your research are applicable to the developing world.

    • Essay

      Is the essay only considered in the first round ofcandidate evaluation?
      No. The essay is also taken into consideration in the following selection stages.

    • Letter of Recommendation

      How many letters of recommendation must be sent in the second round?
      Three (3) letters.

      Which criteria should I use when selecting my referees?
      There are two main criteria to be observed to select your referees:

      1) The referee’s ability to present relevant information about the candidate to the assessors and 2) The combination of referees’ different perspectives of the candidate. Therefore, it is important to request letters from an academic adviser, work supervisor and others who can provide a precise assessment of the candidate.

      Can I ask for letters of recommendation from people who work or have worked at the World Bank Group?

      Is there a defined period to send the documents in the second round?
      Yes. If you are approved for this stage, you will receive an email which gives a deadline (non-extendable) for sending letters of recommendation and a copy of your passport.

      After sending the documents requested for the second round (copy of your passport and letters of recommendation), will I receive a confirmation email?
      When submitting a copy of your passport, you will receive a confirmation email from the WBG. However, the emails confirming receipt of the letters of recommendation are only sent to your referees but the WBG will notify you directly if they need any additional information or any item is missing.

      Is there a page or word limit for writing a letter of recommendation?
      There is no page or word limit for letters of recommendation. However, it is recommended that it is limited to between one and two pages.

      In which round of the selection are letters of recommendation requested?
      The letters of recommendation are requested from candidates when they are advised of their selection for the second round (technical review).

      Which language should the letter of recommendation be written in?
      The letters of recommendation must be written in English.

      Three letters of recommendation are requested in the second round of the WBG YPP selection. However, given the deadline for sending them, I am unsure whether one of my referees can send the document. Therefore, can I request four letters of recommendation?
      It is not ideal. However, you can ask for your fourth referee to send a letter of recommendation by email directly to the selection team (YPPadmin@worldbankgroup.org) indicating your application number. In order to avoid this type of problem, it is recommended that you have already planned and alerted the possible referees before receiving an invitation for the second round from the YPP team.

      Should I ask my current boss or employer for a letter of recommendation? I am concerned that my request is interpreted as dissatisfaction with my current job.
      A current employer or boss is a good referee, since s/he is in contact with your latest work. However, this is a personal decision. If you see that this request is possible and it will not negatively affect you, the invitation should be made. Make it clear that it is an extremely competitive process and, if you are approved, you will only start work in September the following year. However, if you consider that this request could cause problems, then ask another person who can evaluate your skills and knowledge.

      Is it better to request a letter of recommendation from the president/head of the organization where the candidate works or the immediate boss/direct supervisor?
      It is important that whoever writes the letter can describe the candidate’s skills and abilities well, which will help them to tell their story. Therefore, generally speaking, your immediate boss or direct supervisor is more advisable. However, if the president or head of the organization where you work knows you well enough to write a letter of recommendation, there are no constraints.

    • Assessment Center (AC)

      Are travel expenses for attending the interview and Assessment Center paid for by the World Bank?
      The WBG will cover expenses for your air ticket and hotel and will also reimburse you for expenditure on food and transport. However, the Bank does not pay for any expenditure to obtain a visa.

      If a candidate gets to the interview round, how is the decision about location (D. C. or Paris) made?
      The interview location is decided based on the candidate’s place of residence, as supplied on the application form.

      What counts more for the selection: the interview or Assessment Center?
      Both are of equal importance for the selection process.

    • Visa

      If I am selected on the WB YPP, what type of visa is required to enter the United States (in the case of a non-US citizen)?
      G-4 visa.

      Which type of visa is required when attending the WB YPP interview and Assessment Center exercises?
      If your interview takes place in the United States, the B-1 visa is required; if it is in France, this is a short stay visa.

      The third round is held in Washington or Paris. However, I do not live in either the USA or France. Who is responsible for the candidate’s visa?
      The candidate is responsible for taking the necessary steps to issue a visa. However, the World Bank sends an official document to facilitate this process with the institutions responsible.

  • WBG YPP Assignment Features
    • Work Location

      Following acceptance on the Young Professionals Program selection process, where will the YP be assigned?
      The YPs are assigned to the World Bank’s head office in Washington D.C.

      Can a young professional choose where s/he will be assigned?
      The YPs are assigned to Washington D.C. during the program. However, after the two-year program has been completed, the former YP can apply for relocation. Approval will depend on the WBG’s needs and the former YP’s professional profile.

      Will the YP be assigned to their home country or the one s/he is applying from?
      No. A YP’s career usually begins in Washington D.C., where the WBG head office is located.

      Following acceptance, will a YP remain in a specific unit or rotate between them?
      Following acceptance, the YP will be assigned to a unit in the World Bank Group’s structure. However, there may be a rotation between different units from the second year onwards.

    • Units

      If selected for the WBG YPP, will I be assigned to my specialized area?
      The YPs will probably be assigned to their specialized or potential area. However, one positive aspect of the WBG YPP is the opportunity to have rotational experiences in other areas, which are outside your main experience.

      During the application process, will I be asked which WBG area I would like to work in if I am selected?
      Not exactly. There is a question on the form asking you to indicate two of your more specialized areas. The options available on the form correspond to the 15 (fifteen) Global Practice Areas plus the available units of the IFC and MIGA.

    • Type of Appointment

      How long is a YP appointment?
      The YPs receive a renewable 5-year contract with the World Bank, IFC or MIGA. The contract with YPs is the longest which the Bank offers.

      What is the current type of YP contract?
      A term appointment, which is a fixed-length contract (five years). The YP contract is the longest which the WBG offers.

      What changes took place in 2010 regarding the young professionals’ type of contract?
      Until 2010, the YPs were employed through an open-ended appointment, in other words, a contract without a fixed term. However, this type of contract was changed and the YPs are now employed through a five-year contract, in line with the Bank’s more comprehensive staffing policy.

      What are the criteria for renewing a young professional’s contract?
      Employee’s performance and the Bank’s needs. Generally speaking, former YPs have their contracts renewed or even converted into an open-ended appointment.

      How many times can a YP renew their contract?
      There are no limits for renewing a YP’s contract (it can be renewed numerous times).

      Will the YP be integrated with WBG staff at the end of the program?
      The YP is a World Bank team member (staff) from the start of their contract, in other words, from the first day of the program.

    • Hierarchical Level

      What is the young professional’s grade level?
      The WBG young professional starts at GF level (the sixth highest level), which indicates their importance in the organization.

      What are the differences between a term appointment and open-ended contract?
      The difference is that a term appointment is a contract for a defined length of time. The open-ended contract is not for a specific period. It is true that an employee with this type of contract can also be dismissed, but the process is a little more complex than under a term appointment.

      What is a young professional’s career stream and hierarchical grade at the WBG?
      A YP is employed by the WBG for the Professional and Technical stream at grade level GF.

    • Word Bank Group YPP Salary

      What is a YP’s initial salary? Is it the same at all the units?
      The initial salary offered will vary according to your level of education and professional experience. Therefore, there is no fixed value for a YP’s salary. However, the average annual net salary is US$ 105,275.00 plus approximately U$ 58,865.00 per year in non-salary benefits.

    • World Bank Group YPP Benefits

      How long is the World Bank’s maternity and paternity leave?
      Maternity leave is 70 working days (approximately three months) and paternity leave 10 working days (approximately two weeks).

      Are there facilities at the World Bank for employees who are mothers of babies?
      Yes, there are a number of nurseries at the Bank’s head office to support mothers with babies.

      Is having young children taken into account when arranging a YP’s missions?
      Yes. There is a large number of trips in a YP’s routine, which are extremely important. However, there is room for negotiation with your manager and task team in an attempt to reconcile family commitments.

  • WBG YPP Program Features
    • General Questions

      How often does a young professional travel during the YPP?
      The trips may take between 20% and 50% of a young professional’s working hours or between 80 and 110 days abroad.

      What is the main complaint made by young professionals about their jobs?
      Generally speaking, the young professionals have a high workload, particularly during the program (in the first two years) when they are still learning about the organization and their roles, taking a large number of trips, networking and tackling the stretch assignment. Therefore, learning to become organized and finding a balance between their professional and personal life (particularly for those who have families) is a challenge. The positive point is that there is substantial program support for the YPs.

      What are the young professionals’ main challenges when they start work?
      Generally speaking, the main challenges faced by the young professionals are understanding the World Bank Group and their role in this complex organization, and also finding a balance between their personal and professional life, since there is a substantial workload, trips and training.

  • WBG YPP Products & Services
    • How can I increase my chances of being selected for the WBG YPP?

      In pursuit of its mission, the OpenIGO network has developed a comprehensive ebook and support and guidance services, with the aim of highly increasing your chances of success in this competitive process. These services include revising your WBG YPP application documents (essay, curriculum vitae and thesis/dissertation summaries) and a mock interview, as per the World Bank Group YPP model. We also offer a range of packages that combine the ebook with different services.



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