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Products and Services

Products and Services

The OpenIGO network produces and disseminates knowledge about career development, recruitment and selections at intergovernmental organizations.


This knowledge takes the form of different products and services, which are:


E-books and courses

We edit e-books and produce courses specialized in developing international careers and recruitment and selection in the UN System and other intergovernmental organizations.

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Specially designed for a young university audience (whether undergraduates, or those on Master’s or doctorate programs), the OpenIGO Mentoring Program aims to contribute, so that young people from varying backgrounds develop successful careers in the UN System and at intergovernmental organizations.

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The Coaching Program was carefully developed for professionals who would like to start a new career at intergovernmental organizations. On this program, you will have a coach with extensive professional experience at intergovernmental organizations, to help you develop a career and transition plan; to better understand the sector and the different organizations; to identify your professional options; to better identify your skills; to learn to deal with conflicts and your emotions and to better understand your professional objectives and desires.

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Application review

OpenIGO has professionals specialized in revising the various documents required for selection processes, such as curriculum vitae, resumés, cover letters and essays, among others. Correction includes document format, content and language.

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Mock interview

Would you like to know how a selection interview takes place on a UN System job or internship program before you participate in one? We offer you a simulated interview with a specialized professional with extensive experience. Therefore, you will feel more secure and improve your performance at the interview.

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Disseminating opportunities at intergovernmental organizations

OpenIGO disseminates jobs and internship opportunities in the UN System and at various other intergovernmental organizations around the world. You no longer need to search dozens of different websites to find intern and job opportunities, or to learn about the various programs and ways of working which exist in the world of IGOs. We have brought all this information together on our website and we always keep it updated. Leave this work to us! Go onto our search system, follow our social networks and find the right vacancy for you.

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Online magazine

We produce a free-of-charge online magazine, with reports on international careers, the world of work in the UN System and at other intergovernmental organizations, as well as selection and recruitment processes at these organizations. Register for our newsletter and don’t miss a single report.

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OpenIGO moderates dozens of groups and forums about careers and selection and recruitment processes in the UN System and at other intergovernmental organizations. Network members can interact, and exchange information and experiences in these forums.

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Social networks

With the aim of more dynamic interaction with members of our community, we are active on different social networks, always providing relevant information and news on careers and jobs in the UN System and other intergovernmental organizations.

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Why do we charge for some products or services?

The OpenIGO network offers relevant information about international careers and jobs in the UN System and other intergovernmental organizations to a major audience, free-of-charge. However, we need to charge for some of the more complex products or services, as the production process involves significant expenditure. We also award a fair payment to all those in the network who dedicate their time to helping people who dream of working at intergovernmental organizations.

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