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Invited for the IFC Financial Test or for the HireVue/Panel Interview stage of the WBG?

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International Finance Corporation (IFC) candidates sucessful in the first screening will be invited to take a Computer-based Financial test. This test is set to evaluate applicants’ specific financial knowledge and skills, similar to the CFA test.
Get the preparation you need to succeed in this decisive stage of the selection process with OpenIGO!

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IFC Test Assessment

- Find 32 technical questions on topics and fields covered in the real examination that the International Finance Corporation applies to their candidates + answer guidelines. Practice with our questions and compare your responses to a specialist’s answer guidelines.

Cognitive Assessment Practice Questions + Study References

- Find 10 logical questions in a game format compatible with IFC’s Cognitive Assessment Test.

- Find study references to help you achieve your dream job at the International Finance Corporation.

We have already helped dozens of candidates become WBG Professionals. What are you waiting to join these young professionals?

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Product Packages

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The World Bank Group YPP: The Essential Guide + 1 month support

Updated with a new essay sample for this year's edition Book Description: The New Edition of the WBG YPP e-book has been released! This is your chance to be the

$ 55,85
World Bank Group YPP (2024-2025) – Application Review

Service Description: Get prepared for the World Bank Group YPP (2024-2025) with our application review service!  The World Bank Group YPP 2024-2025 selection process will open soon:  July 3 –

$ 174,90
WBG YPP – Mock Interview + Assessment Center Advice

Get prepared for the WBG YPP Assessment Center and Panel Interview with our services! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Service Description: Working for the World Bank Group (WBG) is

$ 219,80
WBG YPP – Recorded Interview Preparation

Have you been invited for the IFC HireVue? Get prepared for the World Bank Group YPP with our Recorded Interview preparation service! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Working for

$ 159,90
World Bank Group YPP (2024-2025) – Full Interview Preparation

Get prepared for the WBG YPP (2024-2025) with our Packages! ⭐Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!⭐ With this package, you will highly increase your chances of success in the interview

$ 429,00

Have you been invited for the WBG YPP Panel Interview?

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