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Get prepared for the World Bank Group YPP (2024-2025) with our application review service! 

The World Bank Group YPP 2024-2025 selection process will open soon: 

  • July 3 – July 31 – Applications will be open for all profiles
  • August 15 – September 30: Applications reopen for IFC & MIGA profiles only

Working for the World Bank Group (WBG) is a dream for many. Among the different ways of selecting staff, the Young Professionals Program (YPP) is known as the World Bank Group’s most important and prestigious selection process.

The World Bank YPP is a highly competitive selection process. Every year, more than 6,000 highly qualified young people from around the world apply for this program but only around 45 applicants are selected each year. Being selected for the World Bank YPP can change your life forever, but this is no easy task.

In the first round of the World Bank YPP selection process, you must fill out an online application form and send documents through the system. These documents will be analyzed not only in the first round but in all other stages, being decisive for your success in this competitive selection process. These documents must show that you have the technical knowledge and skills desired by the Bank; they should be well-structured and contain no grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes.

Therefore, it is of fundamental importance that your documents are carefully reviewed. This is exactly what our team of specialists will do for you. Our World Bank YPP application review service includes a review of the following documents:

1) Curriculum Vitae
2) Short summaries of your doctorate dissertation and/or Master’s thesis
3) Application essay

A review of each of these documents will be carried out in two stages:

  1. Proofreading – highly qualified native English proofreaders will check your writing, formatting, correct errors and suggest improvements;
  2. Technical review – a team formed of PhD professors with vast experience in intergovernmental organizations and in the WBG YPP selection process will carry out a technical review of your documents, offering meaningful and detailed feedback for improvement. The fit of your documents with the WBG YPP policies and strategies will also be evaluated.

With our application review service, you will strengthen your application in all relevant aspects!

Service flow:

  1. Purchase an application review on our site.
  2. Following purchase on the “Order Received” page, press the “Submit Application Review” button which is located under “Order details”.
  3. Then, press the “Submit New Message” button on the “Application Review” page, followed by the “choose file” button.
  4. Use this button to send us your documents, preferably in .doc or .docx forms but .pdf and ODF (.odt, .ods, .odp) formats are also accepted. No single file should exceed 10MB or be password protected;
  5. Upload one document at a time, indicating exactly which file is attached (CV, essay or summaries) in the text box;
  6. Our professionals will thoroughly review your documents, highlight any changes, and upload the files onto our system, so that you have access to the updated documents;
  7. After sending the files, wait up to 3 working days (72 hours) to receive the updated versions, which will be available on the OpenIGO Store “my account” page, in the “application review” folder. You will be advised through your OpenIGO registered e-mail account as soon as your files are available for download.
  8. You will receive each of your files with all the corrections and suggestions duly highlighted, as well as an additional file with the feedback from the technical review undertaken by our team of professors and specialists.

OpenIGO Specialists 

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