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Do you Want to Land your dream job at the United Nations?

There are many organizations at the UN System waiting for your application:

All of these organizations offer meaningful well-paid work for a vast range of professional areas!

However, selection processes at UN agencies can be daunting, making you feel lost:

These are some of the usual requirements when applying for a job at the United Nations:

We have developed an eBook that will help you achieve your dream job at the United Nations!

We have developed an eBook that will help you achieve your dream job at the UN!

Here’s an overview of the chapters you will find in this e-Book:

Brief chapter prepared to present basic aspects of International Organizations covering topics such as its main concepts, structures, processes and historical background. Find information about the upbringing of the first Intergovernmental Organizations and how these influenced the foundation of the United Nations years later. professional in the area,the different career levels and respective levels of education.

Understanding the Organization Provides readers with an overview of the United Nations through the presentation of its history, organizational goals and main organs. Introduces the complex UN System and the myriad of funds, programs, agencies and bodies it encompasses.

An introduction to the job opportunities in the United Nations System. This chapter presents the definition of an international civil servant, the different professional categories of UN personnel and the multiple staff working areas. It will also provide you with an overview of opportunities and ways to apply for jobs with the UN System, as well as present career prospects and benefits for successful candidates.

Presents the characteristics of job openings and selection processes for opportunities within the UN System, and how the vacancy advertisements take place, helping applicants to search and apply for these opportunities.

Introduces the United Nations’ notion of values and competencies. In competency-based recruitment – such as those carried out by the organizations of the UN System – knowing these terms and how they are evaluated through the selection process is essential for candidates to succeed. In this chapter, find answers to questions such as: what are “competencies”? What is competency-based recruitment? How can the competencies desired by the United Nations be understood? Can competencies be developed?




Presents and explains the different UN Personal History forms (P-11 and Personal History Profile – PHP) and the virtual platform through which candidates may be asked to submit their application. This chapter gives tips and detailed explanation on how to best fill out each section of the PHP, preventing candidates from committing highly common mistakes.




Explains what a Cover Letter (CL) is, presenting its basic structure and assisting candidates in the process of writing an effective CL for their UN job application. A sample Cover Letter of a successful UN candidate is also included.

Assists candidates to construct a strong Resume, which is essential to reinforce their chances of success in this competitive selection process and for them to stand out from the others. In this chapter, subjects such as the content and structure of an effective Resume, visual aspects, and common mistakes will be covered and various tips provided. A sample Resume is also available.




Qualifies candidates, so that they perform successfully in the interview. This chapter describes how the interview is carried out for UN System recruitment initiatives and what is expected from candidates during the process; it presents the interview method used by the United Nations selection team and gives tips and suggestions for candidates to be better prepared for this stage of the selection process.




Written to help new staff members to prepare and plan for the job opportunity before it starts, with issues such as: travel, accommodation, transport and a basic understanding of the first day at work.

Reminds professionals of good etiquette rules in the workplace, giving advice on topics such as: how a staff member can stand out within an organization, everyday work and how to maintain a good relationship with your bosses and work colleagues. 




All this and more for just:



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All this and more for just:



Use code: UNSPECIAL at checkout!

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