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AfDB Internship: Products & Services

AfDB Internship: Products & Services

Do you want to be the next intern of the African Development Bank? We can help you!

Working for the African Development Bank (AfDB) is a dream for many! Being an AfDB’s intern combines a wide range of benefits with meaningful work that can help people around the world. Working for an international organization means developing a global career with a global reach, in a multicultural and pleasant environment; where you will be able to construct influential networks and receive encouragement to develop professionally.

The internship program offers the opportunity to:

i) work in a major international development organization;
ii) work collaboratively with experienced professionals from a variety of countries;
iii) gain a deeper understanding of development finance and the impact of the work AfDB does; and
iv) contribute to AfDB’s business through research outputs.

AfDB Internship candidates must:

a) have an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s) and be enrolled in a graduate program (minimum master’s degree) at a recognized institution or have graduated from a Master’s program in the last 12 months;
b) be engaged in academic study in a field directly related to AfDB’s work;
c) possess an excellent command of English.

In pursuit of its mission, the OpenIGO network has developed an essential package, with the aim of highly increasing your chances of success in this competitive selection process. The package includes an Application Review and a Mock Interview –  based on the African Development Bank original model. For more information, access:

AfDB Internship – Products & Services

In this article, we are going to present each of these services and you will understand why they are worth every cent!

African Development Bank (AfDB) Careers eBook

Attending to requests and aiming at maximizing the chance of our customers in passing AfDB selection processes, our team has recently released a brand-new e-Book: “African Development Bank (AfDB) Careers”.

AfDB eBook PDFThis publication has been carefully prepared to help you achieve your goal and become an international staff with the African Development Bank.

This comprehensive eBook will help you land your dream internship or job at the African Development Bank! You will get acquainted with every AfDB selection program and learn how to apply for them.

Here are some reasons why it is worth investing in the “AfDB Careers” ebook:

  • AfDB is a complex institution and this manual was designed to break it down into easy-to-understand sections and chapters! Understanding all AfDB Careers options has never been so easy! Our book will provide candidates with many important details on each selection process and give tips on how to succeed in each of them.
  • Our previous e-Books have been extremely well evaluated by those who bought them and this one was developed with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail as our previous ones.
  • It has more than 140 pages of extremely useful information (samples included) – not only a combination of what can be found online, but also original and significant content developed by our qualified team of professors, human resource specialists and intergovernmental organization staff.
  • Buying our e-Book gives you a discount on the other AfDB-related products we offer on our online store such as the Application Review and Mock Interview.
  • For one entire month, you will have a direct channel to the authors of our manual to clear up any doubts you may have.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction!

AfDB Internship - Application Review

Generally, in the first round of the AfDB Internship Program selection process, you must fill out an online application form, send documents (Curriculum Vitae/Resume) and answer some essay questions. These documents are decisive for your success in this competitive selection process! Therefore, it is of fundamental importance that they are carefully reviewed. This is exactly what our award-winning team will do for you.

Our professionals, specialized in the AfDB Internship, will carry out proofreading and a technical review of your CV, Cover Letter and any other documents required, enormously increasing your chances of succeeding in the first screening round.

The review will be carried out in two stages:

Proofreading – highly qualified native English proofreaders will check your writing, formatting, correct errors and suggest improvements;

Technical review – a team formed of PhD professionals with vast experience at the African Development Bank will carry out a technical review of the documents that you submit to the AfDB Internship Program, offering feedback for improvement.

 Why is it worth buying an application review?

  • It is a service of extremely high quality and care. A professor, with extensive knowledge of the African Development Bank, carries out a technical review that, on average, takes 2.5 hours. In addition, a proofreader spends an additional hour checking your documents.
  • These documents are evaluated in all the different rounds of the AfDB Internship selection process. If you really want a strong application, it is essential that you prepare your documents with extreme care.
  • Our service is extremely well evaluated by those who have bought it.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Would you like to know more about our application review service? Access:

Application Review

AfDB Internship - Mock Interview

The AfDB Internship selection may include an interview phase, whose main aim is to find out more about the candidate, and analyze their knowledge, competences and experience.

Having a mock interview with a professional who has extensive experience and knowledge of the AfDB interview model will help you be better prepared for this phase, greatly increasing your chances of being selected for the desired vacancy. 

AfDB mock interviews are held via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime or Hangouts, conducted by an interview specialist and last around 60 minutes.

If you have arrived at this point in the selection process, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity for additional qualification. The value invested is nothing compared to the energy you have invested up until now, and to the benefits you will obtain when you are approved!

Service details:

  • Mock Interview Length:  60 minutes
  • Mock Interview Language: English
  • Means of holding the mock interview: Skype (preferably), WhatsApp, Facetime or Hangouts
  • Re-scheduling: Is allowed up to 48 hours before the scheduled time.

Why is it worth buying our Mock Interview?

  • Our interviewers (including a professor with a PhD, who is a specialist in International Organizations) prepare a script as per the AfDB Internship model and also based on your application documents. Every interview is personalized and unique.
  • Practicing is key to succeeding in an Interview and if you have the opportunity to practice with professionals that can give you feedback on your performance it’s even better! At the end of your mock interview, you will receive thorough feedback and tips to improve aspects that deserve special attention.
  • All the experience is set to reproduce the interview in the same way that is carried out by the AfDB recruiters.
  • The Mock Interview Services we offer on our website have been extremely well evaluated by those who bought it.

Would you like to know more about our mock interview service? Access:

Mock Interview

AfDB Internship - Essential Package

In addition to being able to purchase each of the guiding services individually, you can also buy a preparatory package for the AfDB Internship selection process. Below, we provide more information about the AfDB Package:

AfDB Internship – Essential Package

This package includes:

Application Review of the documents required by the AfDB Internship selection process (CV and Cover Letter)

Mock Interview for the AfDB Internship selection process.

It is our most comprehensive package – it was designed to those who want to qualify themselves for all the different rounds of the AfDB Internship selection process. Upon purchase, the total value saved is 8%. Access:

AfDB Internship – Essential Package


Service Review

We have MANY clients from all over the world. Our satisfaction rate is really high!  96% of our clients would recommend our products and services to those who are interested in a career at the UN System.

Take a look at the results of a survey we carried out with our clients in 2018:

How would you rate our application review service? 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent)

81% – Excellent (5)          13% – Good (4)                          6% – Average(3)

Would you recommend OpenIGO products and services to a friend applying for the UN System?

Yes – 96%                       No – 4%

How would you rate our mock interview? 1(poor) to 5 (Excellent)

87% – Excellent (5)           13% – Good (4)

We have received a wide range of testimonials about our services. We have provided some of these below:

“The World Bank YPP selection process is arduous, emotional and long! So, do yourself a service and invest in the wonderful services provided by OpenIGO. Their ebook is extremely informative and a very easy read. Using it, I was able to put forth a strong application and made it all the way through to the interview in this very competitive selection process. The book helps you to familiarise yourself with the WBG, and guides you to be able to write the strongest essay, CV and dissertation abstracts possible, given its chapters dedicated to them. Having made it so far with their help, I signed on to the mock interview service, and likewise, was not disappointed! Getting stuck on the first question the interviewers asked me helped me to realise that I had not focused enough on the basics, and with this knowledge, I prepped more efficiently for the final few days before and I passed! Thanks to OpenIGO. To all those who will embark on this journey, invest well!”

“Great service! The mock interview and book significantly improved my performance at the interview”

“Very happy I heard about OpenIGO during my application proces, even though it was only once I started preparing for the interview/assessment stage. I doubted at first because of the cost, but I’m extremely happy I made the investment, because both the ebook and mock interview proved very useful. The mock interview was with two people who took almost 1,5 hours AND they came prepared, which is much more than the 40 mins I expected. Thanks a lot!”

“The mock interview was really useful. Particularly John Tude gave many advice which really help me to be more confident”.

“Definitely worth it. As someone who went in without a clear idea of what would be expected, the ebook and mock interview were incredibly informative. I particularly appreciated the feedback at the end”.

“The application review service was essential for me to go on to the next rounds and be interviewed by the YPP team.  It’s true I was not selected this time, but OpenIGO really helped me reach where I did in this competitive selection. Thank you to the OpenIGO team.”

Our services are accredited and known in many regions of the globe! Take a look at the different countries that are part of our network and that have already purchased our services and products.


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More Information on the AIIB Selection Processes

We have created the most comprehensive guide on the African Development Bank.

A wide range of information is available on this website regarding other AfDB’s Selection Processes, such as the AfDB Young Professionals Program. The first step for anyone who would like to apply is having a solid knowledge of the program’s characteristics.

Candidates need to know about the different selection process phases; be sure that they meet the minimum application requirements; as well as the features of the assignment which will be offered to them. Access this information here:

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