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AIIB Internships: What are the requirements of the Program?

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AIIB Internships: What are the requirements of the Program?

July 18, 2021

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AIIB Internship Requirements

The goal of the AIIB Internship Program is to provide those interested in international development with a greater understanding of the AIIB’s work in its mission to enhance economic growth in its Regional Member Countries (RMC).

Those selected will have the opportunity to work and be supervised by more experienced professionals, where they will be able to develop skills and networks and receive continuous feedback.

But what are the different requirements for an internship at the AIIB? In this article, we will explore the requirements in detail, as well as discuss the required competencies these selection processes have.

Working for the Asian Infraestructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a dream for many! Being an AIIB intern combines a wide range of benefits with meaningful work that can help people around the world. Working for an international organization means developing a global career with a global reach, in a multicultural and pleasant environment; where you will be able to construct influential networks and receive encouragement to develop professionally.




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AIIB Internship Requirements

The following eligibility criteria may differ according to the internship program.

What is the education requirement of the AIIB Internship Program?

  • Be enrolled in a graduate school program (Master’s or PhD);
  • The program must be in an area related to the work done at the AIIB.

What are the tasks performed by the selected for the AIIB Internship?

  • Draft reports and other types of documents;
  • Collect and analyze data;
  • Take part in training and events with other members of the bank;
  • Prepare presentations;
  • Contribute to ongoing projects;
  • Perform other activities when required.

What is the duration of the AIIB Internship?

According to the Bank, each internship assignment usually shall not exceed 12 weeks.

What is the weekly workload of the AIIB Internship?

The internship programs are full-time. Interns shall therefore work between 35 and 40 hours per week.

Where are the locations of the AIIB Internship?

Opportunities are distributed between the AIIB Headquarters in Beijing (China) or virtually if the applicant is not resident in China.

When does the AIIB Internship start?

The initial date of the internship shall be coordinated between the intern and the organization.

Is there any feedback following the completion of the Internship?

At the end of the internship, the supervisor is in charge of preparing an assessment report of the intern’s performance.

Subsequent employment:

The internship program does not presuppose the candidate’s future employment, but the experience of working at AIIB will be a differential in the intern’s curriculum that will facilitate their entry not only in the AIIB but in other IGOs careers opportunities.

What are the fields of study required for the AIIB Internship Program?

This internship program includes students and recent graduates from the most diverse fields of knowledge. The areas of study with the highest demand in this program are:

  • Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth
  • Social Development
  • Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialization
  • Economy, Statistics
  • Governance and Knowledge Management
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources and Corporate Services: IT, Language Services, General Service & Procurement, HR Management
  • Communication & External Relations
  • Public Relations

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AIIB Internship Program 2021: Overview

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