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Entering the Workforce as a Person With Disabilities

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Entering the Workforce as a Person With Disabilities

February 27, 2023

Entering the Workforce as a Person With Disabilities

Person With Disabilities

By Gloria Martinez

For people with disabilities, entering the workforce can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor. While fields such as food service and factory work may lack the flexibility to provide reasonable accommodations, a career in business could be a great fit for people in need of certain accommodations. OpenIGO shares some strategies for making a successful transition into the business world.


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Not every profession requires a degree, but most hiring managers like to see at least some level of higher education from a candidate. Getting a non-essential degree or certification can increase the amount of money that you make on day one, as your education is treated much like on-the-job experience.


When choosing a field of study, be sure to assess your interests as well as your capabilities. There are few ways to waste more time than going to college for a specialization that you neither care about nor are capable of performing. Physics, electrical engineering, and law are among the highest-paying professions, but finding the best fit for you is more important than making the most money.


College can also help you with job experience and placement outside of the certifications it can yield. Internships, whether paid or unpaid, can get your foot in the door of a given company. Even if an internship doesn’t transition smoothly into a permanent position, the connections and experience gained can be a nice enhancement to any resume. Niche explains that many colleges have arrangements with companies to combine college credits and work placement, helping you achieve your degree while securing an entry into the field of your choice.



Deciding on your first entry-level job isn’t as important of a decision as it may seem. Making the wrong choice in the early stages of your career can still teach you valuable skills and lessons, even if one of those lessons is simply that it wasn’t a field that interests you or that the company’s business practices aren’t as inclusive and flexible as advertised. Try to enter an industry in your field of education when possible, but it’s never too late to make a career change if things don’t work out.


A well-made resume is incredibly valuable for a job hunt. Try this tool that has free online templates you can use to form a persuasive document with little professional help or training. In addition to any working experience you already have, be sure to advertise any of the special skills that may benefit you in the career you’re hoping to enter. The best practice for distributing your resume is to cater each copy to the job you’re applying for; the act of listing experience that isn’t relevant to the desired role can give the sense that your skillset isn’t focused enough for the role.


Maintaining a LinkedIn profile can alert you to open positions in your chosen field while helping you network with your contemporaries. Be sure to use your real name, a current and professional photo, and your best public manners when cultivating this professional social media presence. Being a polite, respectable, and accessible connection on the site can work wonders for your personal currency in the professional world.


Begin a Successful Path into the Business World

Adults with disabilities can have a hard time entering the workforce if they don’t know where to start. These challenges are especially true if you’re also new to the workforce. Fortunately, the path to a career in business can give you experience, education, and accommodations to help you not only to survive in the working world, but to thrive there.


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