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IMF Economist Program: Get ready for the interview here!

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IMF Economist Program: Get ready for the interview here!

December 3, 2022


IMF Economist Program

The IMF Economist Program (IMF EP) is your chance to jump-start your career! Getting hands-on experience with the work of the IMF, this will give an opportunity to apply your research and analytical skills in an environment of crucial policy construction that impacts actual countries.

When you become a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) team, in a collaborative and supportive environment, you will work on a wide range of challenging issues that the global economy runs into, as well as make a direct, measurable impact on the well-being of people all around the world.

The IMF attracts professionals who are driven to work in a truly multicultural environment and are passionate about the mission of achieving global economic stability, whether as an economist, or part of a highly qualified professional administrative team.

If you are someone who wishes to start an international career at the International Monetary Fund, first of all, it is essential that you know about all the different job possibilities and careers that the organization offers, as well as its organizational chart, payment and benefits policies, recruitment platform, and the professional and academic profile they look for.

The central objective of this article is to present to you the stages that separate you from achieving an entry-level economist position at the IMF.




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The IMF offers different opportunities to professionals looking to kick-start their careers with the organization, through which they select highly qualified and motivated people to work in its various areas of activity. There are internship programs, consultant vacancies, young professional programs, administrative jobs, among others.

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What is the IMF Economist Program?


This program offers a complete IMF work experience, and is a base for a stimulating career as an economist.

During the program, the candidate will have two department assignments, joining the economic teams that work on the specific regional supervision of a particular country, and on fiscal, monetary, balance of payments, debt issues, and related matters.

This is not a trainee position and, from the start, the candidate will have practical work to do, as well as objective responsibilities as an IMF economist, and may include policy development, national or regional operational work, research, and capacity and teaching development.

Program length: three years.


IMF Economist Program Application requirements


  1. Have recently completed or are expected to complete a PhD within a year (or less) of joining in fields including macroeconomics, finance, public finance, monetary economics, international economics, trade, poverty issues, political economy, econometrics or related areas.
  2. Possess an excellent academic record.
  3. Have validated analytical, quantitative, and IT skills.
  4. Show an interest in, and aptitude for, working in an international organization, and contributing to economic policy issues.
  5. Be a national of one of IMF’s member countries.
  6. Be below age 34 at entry to the program on September 11, 2023.
  7. Have strong written and oral English skills.


How to apply for the IMF Economist Program?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recently closed the applications for its Economist Program, which were open until December 4.

Pre-selected candidates will be interviewed through the end of the year and during January 2023. The selection process is made up of several stages, which may take place in parallel.

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What are the main stages of the IMF EP?



1) Preliminary Interview 30-40 minute preliminary interview;
You will respond to questions on economic topics related to the IMF`s work, and on your interpersonal and communication skills.
2) Document Submission You will send your most recent university transcript from your Ph.D. program;
You will provide three academic references;
You will submit a research paper or one or two chapters of your dissertation.
3) Virtual Panel Interview You will be invited for a 60-minute virtual panel interview, comprised of two or three senior IMF economists, and a Human Resources officer;
The interview will follow a format similar to the preliminary interview;
You will also be asked to take a 40-minute online psychometric assessment designed to identify preferred behavioral skills and approaches.
4)  Final Selection All candidates who reached the panel interview stage will be referred to an internal committee of senior staff for review, and it will make the final selection.


IMF Economist Program (IMF EP) Salary/Remuneration

The IMF EP provides very generous compensation for its cohort! The estimated salary for a candidate selected in the IMF Economist Program is $100.000. But this can definitely vary year from year. Also, once you graduate from the EP program, you get a new grade (A12) and a new salary, which means that this is one of the most interesting entry points for a successful career at the IMF!


As you can see, this is a very high-level economist program, which attracts the best talent from around the world. That’s why you have to prepare to face this level of competitiveness. We have two ways to assist you with this!

First, our Application Review service will make sure that your application documents are as optimized as possible to help you succeed in the recruiter’s initial screening. Our experts have experience with the IMF’s demands in this selection process and will tailor your documents to fit what they are looking for!


Secondly, we can also prepare you for the interview process, which includes both a preliminary interview and a panel interview. Our Mock Interview service is tailored toward the IMF’s interview model and our expert will help you properly prepare to face both of these interviews! But hurry up, the interviews will take place through the end of the year and during January 2023:



Also, check out our overview of IMF Job Opportunities:

IMF Jobs: Overview


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