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8 Skills to Expand Your International Development CV

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8 Skills to Expand Your International Development CV

February 19, 2024

In the rapidly evolving sector of international development, having a broad range of skills is invaluable. Beyond foundational knowledge in development theories and practices, additional competencies can significantly enhance your career prospects. This article outlines what you need to enhance your international development CV, equipping you with the skills needed to face contemporary development challenges.

#1 Data Analysis for Social Scientists (MIT) Data-driven decision-making is crucial in international development. This course offers the skills to analyze and interpret data effectively, enabling professionals to measure the impact of their projects and make informed decisions.

#2 Sustainable Development Goals – A Global, Transdisciplinary Vision for the Future (University of Copenhagen) Understanding the SDGs is fundamental for anyone in the international development field. This course provides a deep dive into each goal, strategies to achieve them, and how to integrate these goals into development projects.

#3 Grant Writing and Fundraising (Philanthropy University) Securing funding is a critical skill for development projects. This course teaches the art of writing successful grant proposals and innovative fundraising strategies to support your initiatives.

#4 Conflict Resolution and Management (University of California, Irvine) Development work often occurs in areas affected by conflict. Skills in conflict resolution can help manage disputes and foster peace, making this course a valuable addition to your CV.

#5 Digital Storytelling for Social Impact (University of Berkeley) Telling compelling stories is key to raising awareness and funds. Learn how to use digital platforms to share the impact of development work effectively.

#6 Public Health Foundations (Johns Hopkins University) A basic understanding of public health is beneficial in development work, especially projects focusing on health outcomes. This course covers essential public health concepts relevant to development professionals.

#7 Climate Change and Development (University of East Anglia) Climate change is a pressing issue in international development. This course explores the intersection between climate change and development, offering insights into creating resilient and sustainable projects.

#8 Leadership and Management in International Development (University of Manchester) Leadership skills are essential for driving change and managing teams. This course focuses on the challenges of leadership in the development context, providing strategies for effective management.

Conclusion Expanding your CV with these skills will not only enhance your qualifications in international development but also prepare you for the multifaceted challenges of working in this field. With these courses, you can deepen your expertise, increase your impact, and advance your career in meaningful ways.

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