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Hiring Internationally: How to Assemble a Global Staff to Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals

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Hiring Internationally: How to Assemble a Global Staff to Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals

September 6, 2022

Hiring Internationally


There is an entire world out there full of talented individuals from every country on the globe. If you are currently only hiring within driving distance of your business, you are truly missing out. Fortunately, technology has made it exponentially easy to find the right people, regardless of their time zone.

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Benefits of Hiring Internationally.


There are many reasons that you should consider hiring someone outside of your home country. Foreign workers are especially beneficial in knowledge-based positions, such as development and 24/7 customer service. Because you are not confined to a one-time zone, you can have employees working around the clock. CXC Global also asserts that this encourages diversity and gives you access to a global workforce with unique knowledge and skill set, which can help you grow and expand.


Forming an Llc


Before you start hiring, it’s a smart choice to go ahead and file your LLC. This will help you better keep up with employees and payments. As an added benefit, you can pay yourself through your LLC, provided that it is set up as a corporation for tax purposes, and you won’t have to worry about self-employment taxes. For this, you can use an online entity formation service to avoid expensive fees and to ensure that you comply with local regulations. Another tip here: use invoicing software that helps you better manage your employees and payments.


Marketing to Your Future Employees


When it’s time to start looking for employees, you may need to utilize the internet. You can use free banner design software to create a catchy visual ad that you can place on your social media sites, including Facebook and YouTube. As an added perk, you can give your new employees access to the same banner program so that they can kickstart your marketing efforts.


Payment Options


Once you find your employees, you’ll have to decide on the best way to pay them. Many may not be able to accept a check, and it may not be feasible for others to have a direct deposit. A few options here include creating an international subsidiary or paying through a third party. WeHG offers an extra piece of advice here, which is to confirm that your payments convert to their foreign currency correctly.


What’s the Best Type of Professional to Outsource Marketing?


Now it’s time to determine whether you’re going to outsource to freelancers or bring in an international staff. You’ll also have to decide which tasks to give to your foreign workforce. There are many benefits of offering a full-time employment position, including making it easier to budget. However, some employees may prefer the flexibility and income control that only operating as a freelancer can provide.


Hiring from overseas presents many hurdles, but there are also a great many benefits to having access to a global talent pool. Before you get started, make sure that your business is set up as a legal entity, and know how to use banner marketing to attract the attention of the right people. You also want to do your research on currencies and what the average salary is in the country from which you are hiring. Gone are the days when you were limited to talent just outside of your doorstep. Today, you have access to a global talent pool, it’s up to you to find the courage to dive into the deep end.

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