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How to prepare for the UN YPP Written Examination

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How to prepare for the UN YPP Written Examination

March 8, 2023

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UN YPP 2020 Written Examination

Have you applied for the United Nations YPP and still haven’t heard back from the recruiting team? Don’t worry! Convocations for the UN YPP Written Examination stage haven’t been sent out quite yet, but you can start getting ready now! In this article, we have put together some useful resources to help you get ready in advance for this competitive stage.

If you are amongst the candidates who have applied to the UN YPP, keep reading to find out more!


To help you succeed in the UN YPP selection process, OpenIGO offers a series of products and services, including a UN YPP Written Exam Preparation Package!

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United Nations Written Exam Packages

What is the Written Examination stage?

The Written Examination is the stage that comes right after the online application in the UN YPP selection process. Of all the applicants, only the best 60 per country, for each exam area, are invited for the first part of the test. Thus, it is clear that this is a crucial step in the UN YPP process, as it is aimed at assessing candidates’ knowledge of their exam area of choice and narrowing down the application list.

Do you want to understand the Written Examination Stage in detail? Then check out our magazine on the topic:

Understanding the Written Examination

In this exam, you will be tested for substantive and technical knowledge of subjects relevant to your exam area, your ability to analyze and to think critically, as well as your understanding of the United Nations as the complex international organization it is. Certainly sounds like a daunting task. So how do you prepare for it?

Preparing for the Written Examination stage

Exam areas

In 2022-2023, the UN YPP will accept applications in 2 different exam areas: Legal Affairs and Library & Information Management. In order to get prepared for the exams, you should explore the work done at the UN in these (and related job families) across the UN Secretariat.

Also, visit UN iLibrary to search for relevant publications in each of these areas so as to help you get ready in advance.

In order to study for the UN YPP Written Examination, you must acquire the right tools to prepare yourself. The instructions provided by the UN are a good start, but you’re still going to need a more focused approach to tackle this stage.

Here are some extra preparation tips that our team has gathered for you: 

1. Gathering the materials

Select the most relevant materials of your exam area for the UN YPP. That includes not only the publications found in the UN iLibrary website, but also guides, roadmaps to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and any pertinent internal UN document that may relate to your exam area. Most importantly, your studying materials have to be well selected so it’s an effective asset in your preparation process.

2. Exercising the relevant skills

In order to thoroughly prepare yourself for this stage, you should be well acquainted with the examination’s particularities. Understanding the written examination’s structure is a pivotal element in the goal of passing this phase of the UN YPP selection process. To achieve that, you have to exercise the thinking and writing skills that are going to be demanded of you when you finally take the exam.

In pursuit of its mission, OpenIGO Network has prepared a special package to help you better understand the Written Examination stage of this competitive selection process, allowing you to perform successfully in each of its parts.

Given that the Written Examination is by far the most competitive stage of the UN YPP (only 4% of candidates invited to take the exam are successful), we highly recommend you to give special attention to such preparation.

Get ready with our UN YPP – Written Exam Preparation


3. Keeping up with the UN’s latest

Following the UN’s social media and website, so as to keep up to date with any publications related to your UN YPP selected exam area, is also very important, as you will have firsthand access to news, announcements, and reports relevant to your job network/job family. Frequently checking our UN YPP Important Updates article for guidance and updates is also a must!

4. The pandemic’s influence on UN’s activities

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly impacted the modus operandi of many organizations across the globe. This is no different for the United Nations. As a matter of fact,  the current state of affairs makes it much more crucial to stay alert to the UN’s news. Being aware of the changes and possible delays in the organization’s processes, projects, and procedures due to the COVID-19 crisis also makes for good practice when preparing for the UN YPP Written Examination stage. As a result, you will make sure that you are not surprised by occasional changes in the UN’s routine.

UN YPP 2020 Written Examination

By following these tips with discipline, you will certainly have a head start over the other candidates! Equip yourself with the right tools and you will feel much more at ease going into this phase of the selection process. After all, all you have to do is apply what you’ve learned through your preparation!

Do you want to more about the United Nations YPP? Then check out now our UN YPP Overview:

UN YPP Overview


To help you succeed in the UN YPP selection process, OpenIGO offers a series of products and services, including a UN YPP Written Exam Preparation Package! We are an extensive network composed of former young professionals, professors and researchers from the best universities in the world, international civil servants and Human Resources specialists devoted to helping professionals worldwide develop their international careers.

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United Nations Written Exam Packages



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