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The IMF Internship, also known as the Fund Internship Program (FIP), aims to offer graduate students an insider experience of the organization. When selected, interns work under the supervision of an experienced staff member to carry out a research project and prepare a research paper, which may be published internationally at the end of the internship period.

There are opening for applicants wishing to develop research in macroeconomics or a related field, and openings for the Legal Department, suitable for those who wish to research legal matters, regulation or a related field. Besides these two programs, there are also opportunities for internships in other IMF areas, but less frequent.

In pursuit of its mission, the OpenIGO network has prepared a comprehensive eBook and guidance services, with the aim of highly increasing your chances of success in this competitive process. These services include revising your IMF internship application documents (curriculum vitae and cover letter) and a mock interview, as per the IMF model. We also offer a package that combines the different services. 

IMF Internships eBook

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IMF Internship – Products & Services

IMF Overview

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a specialized agency of the United Nations whose main mission is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system. It does so in three ways: keeping track of the global economy and the economies of member countries; lending to countries with balance of payments difficulties; and offering capacity development, understood as technical assistance and training to help member countries design and implement economic policies. It is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has Representative and Regional Offices around the world.

IMF’s main focus: To promote the stability of the international monetary system and address macroeconomic and financial sector issues related to global economic stability.

Themes addressed by the IMF Fund Internship Program:

  • Public Finances
  • Monetary and Financial Systems
  • Legislative Frameworks
  • Economic and Financial Statistics
  • Macroeconomic Frameworks

Description of the IMF internship

What are the fields of study required for the IMF Internship?
This internship program includes students and recent graduates from the most diverse fields of knowledge. The areas of study with the highest demand in this program are:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Law
  • International Relations 

What are the tasks performed by the selected for the IMF Internship?
Both FIP and Legal Department interns carry out research on topics relevant to the agency and their careers, develop a research project and prepare a paper. Research topics vary according to the department and interns’ interests.

What is the duration of the IMF Internship?
The internship period ranges from at least 10 weeks to up to 12 weeks at most.

What is the weekly workload of the IMF Internship?
The internship programs are full-time. Interns shall therefore work between 35 and 40 hours per week.

Where are the locations of the IMF Internship?
The internships are undertaken at IMF headquarters in Washington, D.C.

When does the IMF Internship start?
The initial date of the internship shall be coordinated between the intern and the organization.

Is there any feedback following the completion of the IMF Internship?
At the end of the internship, the supervisor is in charge of preparing an assessment report of the intern’s performance.

Subsequent employment:
Participation in the internship is not related to future employment with the agency. However, the IMF Internship experience will be a distinctive feature in your curriculum, which may facilitate your hiring by other organizations inside or outside the UN System.

IMF Internship Salary

Interns receive a monthly salary of approximately $ 5,000.00. Therefore, the IMF Internship payment is among the highest of Intergovernmental organizations.

IMF Internship Requirements

The following eligibility criteria may differ according to the internship program.

What is the education requirement of the IMF Internship Program?
FIP: Be enrolled in a postgraduate program (Master’s or PhD). Applicants must be in student status, i.e., returning to university to complete the course after the internship.

Legal Department: Applicants must be within one or two years of completing an LLM, J.D or equivalent law degree.

What is the language requirement of the IMF Fund Internship Program?
Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of another language may be advantageous.

What is the age requirement of the IMF Fund Internship Program?
FIP: PhD students must be below the age of 32, while Master’s students must be below the age of 28 at the beginning of the internship.

Legal Department: Applicants must be below the age of 32 at the beginning of the internship.

What is the Nationality requirement of the IMF Internship Program?
There is no quota system for nationalities in the selection process, but there is a concern to diversify nationalities in the organization’s workforce.

What are the competencies required for the IMF Internship Program?
The main competencies required are:

  • Analytical skills;
  • Quantitative skills;
  • Good time management;
  • Results orientation;
  • Computer skills.

Other requirements of the IMF Internship Program:
Most internships require no work experience. However, previous experiences may be an advantage in the selection process.

What are the restrictions of the IMF Internship Program?
An applicant may not be a child or sibling of any organization staff member.

IMF Internship - Application process

When to apply for the IMF Internship Program?
The application period is usually between December and January.

How to apply for the IMF Internship Program?
The internship application process is done via the IMF Joblink, where all openings are published, and comprises the following steps:

  1. Initial registration;
  2. Filling out the candidate profile (academic and professional background);
  3. Search for an opening in your field of interest;
  4. Filling out the application form;
  5. Submit the application.

What are the phases of the selection process for the IMF Internship?
The selection process may vary depending on the department or office to which the intern is applying, but generally comprises the following steps:

  1. Creating a profile and preparing an application;
  2. Submitting the application;
  3. Evaluation of the application;
  4. Competency-based interview;
  5. Selection notifications.

How is the IMF Internship interview?
Usually, only selected applicants will be contacted for the interview. The main points covered in the interview vary according to the opening and department chosen. In general, however, the questions address subjective or behavioral aspects, such as your expectations about the job, your interests in the area of expertise you are applying for and your previous experiences.

OpenIGO offers the mock interview service to get you prepared for this important phase!

Having a mock interview with a professional who has extensive experience and knowledge of the World Bank interview model will help you be better prepared for this phase, greatly increasing your chances of being selected for the desired vacancy. IMF Internship mock interviews are held via Skype (preferably), WhatsApp, Facetime or Hangouts, conducted by an interview specialist and last around 60 minutes.

If you have arrived at this point in the selection process, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity for additional qualification. The value invested is nothing compared to the energy you have invested up until now, and with the benefits you will obtain when you are approved! Access:

Mock Interview

What are the documents to submit for the IMF Internship Program?
The application process requires you to submit:

  • CV/Résumé;
  • Cover Letter
  • University transcripts;
  • Two academic reference letters.

It is of fundamental importance that your documents are carefully reviewed. This is exactly what our award-winning team will do for you.

At OpenIGO, we have analyzed documents from dozens of candidates and know precisely what is required for your application to stand out from the thousands of others received by the IMF team every year. It is important to highlight that this service is confidential and your files will be deleted from our systems when the service has been completed.

A review of your documents will be carried out in two stages:

  1. Proofreading – highly qualified native English proofreaders will check your writing, formatting, correct errors and suggest improvements;
  2. Technical review – a team formed of PhD professors with vast experience at intergovernmental organizations will carry out a technical review of the documents that you submit to the IMF internship, offering feedback for improvement. The fit of your documents with the IMF policies and strategies will be evaluated. However, we also highlight that our team will not write or prepare any documents for you. Our aim is to enhance your application. The merit of passing the selection process is all yours.

Would you like to know more about our application review service? Access:

IMF – Application Review

What is the evaluation criteria of the IMF Internship Program?
You will be evaluated regarding your previous experience, skills and competencies, and educational background.

IMF Internship - Costs

The IMF provides financial aid to cover some of the costs related to the preparation or completion of the internship. In addition, applicants may request financial aid from a sponsoring institution, for example, a university and/or government agency in your country.

If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the US, you will need a G-4 visa to work in Washington D.C. The IMF will provide the paperwork necessary to facilitate the visa request process. However, you or your sponsoring institution will be responsible for obtaining the visa.

The IMF offers its interns limited medical insurance coverage.

You or your sponsoring institution will be responsible for accommodation expenses during the internship period. The organization will provide information on possible accommodation when you have been selected.

Successful applicants are offered round-trip air travel to Washington, D.C. from the region of their university.

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