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Recorded Interview Preparation

Would you like to get the adequate preparation for the recorded interview stage of the World Bank Group YPP? We offer you a recorded interview preparation with our experts that have extensive experience on the WBG YPP selection process. With our help, you will feel more secure and greatly improve your performance during the recorded interview phase.

Promotional Packages

We offer service and product packages especially prepared to help you be successful in the main selection processes for the United Nations System, World Bank and various other intergovernmental organizations.


OpenIGO edits e-books specialized in helping you build an international career and perform successfully in a wide range of selection processes in the United Nations System, World Bank Group and a number of other intergovernmental organizations. Our books are written by a highly qualified team, comprising Ph.D. professors, human resources specialists and intergovernmental organization staff, so that you can significantly increase your chances of being selected in highly competitive selection processes.

Application Review

OpenIGO has a team of award-winning professionals specialized in evaluating and reviewing the various documents required by a wide range of intergovernmental organization selection processes, such as curriculum vitae, resumes, cover letters and essays, among others. These application review services include proofreading (analyzing the essay and its coherence, and correcting any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes) and a technical review.

Mock Interview

Would you like to know how an interview takes place in a United Nations, World Bank or other intergovernmental organization selection process? We offer you a mock interview with a specialized professional who has extensive experience. Therefore, you will feel more secure and greatly improve your performance during the interview phase.

Exams Preparation

The selection process you have applied for has some kind of technical evaluation stage that encompasses a written examination or computer-based test? The OpenIGO network has put together useful resources to help you get ready for it!


OpenIGO Network has carefully developed Coaching services for professionals who would like to build a career at intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). Our award-winning coach team is composed of human resources experts, professionals with extensive experience at IGOs, and researchers of the best universities in the world. We will help and assist you to develop a career and transition plan; to better understand the sector and the different organizations; to identify your professional options; to learn to deal with conflicts and your emotions, and to better understand your professional objectives and desires. OpenIGO is providing the following coaching options to help you with your goals:

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