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Have you been invited to the 2021-2022 UN YPP Written Exam stage?
The United Nations Young Professionals Programme – UN YPP – is an annual initiative focused on the selection and recruitment of distinguished and highly qualified young professionals from different parts of the world. Every year the UN receives approximately 50,000 applications for the YPP, which selects around 100 highly qualified and motivated young people from around the world who wish to start an international career, hone their skills, and assist the organization in fulfilling its mission.

The UN YPP selection process is carried out once a year and comprises several stages: an online application form, a writing test, and a competency-based interview. In pursuit of its mission, OpenIGO Network has prepared this special package to help you better understand the Written Examination stage of the selection process, allowing you to perform successfully in each of its parts.

The Written Examination is by far the most competitive stage of the UN YPP: only 4% of candidates invited to take the exam are successful and move on to the interview stage. Practicing is, therefore, crucial to pass this stage and that is precisely why OpenIGO has assembled this preparation material for you. We have already helped dozens of candidates start their international careers and we want you to become one of them!

This is how the phases of this stage of the selection process are usually structured:

  • Phase 01—General Paper + Part I Specialized Paper (both Multiple Choice Questions—MCQ)
  • Phase 02—Part II Specialized Paper (Constructed Response Items)

In the United Nations YPP: 2021-2022 Written Exam Preparation, you will find all the necessary content to prepare for the two phases of the UN YPP Written Examination and will receive personalized feedback on your performance. Take a look below at what you will get, once you purchase our Diamond Package: 


Study Topics for the 2021-2022 Exam Areas 
(.pdf document)

  • A closer look at the 2021-2022 UN YPP exam areas: Social Affairs & Statistics.  
  • Suggested study topics for each exam area
  • Suggested complementary readings for each exam area

UN YPP Manual for Candidates 

Our comprehensive guide has an exclusive chapter on the UN YPP Written Examination plus valuable information on the United Nations and the UN System which you might be called on to display during the test! In our eBook, you will find relevant information and practical tips to get you acquainted with the different parts of the test. It will help you gain a better understanding of what each section of the exam is looking to assess and what is the best way to approach the different types of questions/tasks.

(General Paper)

  • Learn how to summarize a text and what steps you should follow to write a strong and concise summary;
  • Understand how to make use of indirect speech when summarizing texts;
  • Have access to a text with guidelines for you to practice your summarizing skills;
  • Compare your work with our model summary written by our team of highly-qualified professionals;                                        

(Specialized Paper Part I and II) 

  • Know what to study for the Multiple Choice and Essay questions;
  • Have access to tips on how to tackle Multiple Choice and Essay questions;
  • Understand what types of questions can be asked in the Specialized Paper and take a look at past samples;
  • Understand how the assessment of the test is carried out and how points are usually allocated. 

Updated General Paper Preparation Practice
(.pdf document)

  • Find 60 original Multiple Choice Questions on 4 different themes: 1. General knowledge in International Relations and current global issues; 2. General knowledge of the structure, mode of operation and mandate of the United Nations; 3. Values and competencies sought by the United Nations; 4. Logic and analytical skills + answer guidelines. Practice with our questions and compare your responses to a specialist’s answer guidelines.

Specialized Paper Preparation
(.pdf document)

  • We will be updating this package with the Specialized Paper Part I Multiple Choice Questions Preparation until May 15! Once Part I of the exam is done, we will provide the Part II preparation.
  • Find 15 original Multiple Choice Questions in your exam area + answer key: opportunity to test your abilities and get acquainted with the different types of questions that can appear in the real test. 
  • Find 15  original Open Questions (Constructed Response Items) in your exam area + answer guidelines: includes short and long questions. Practice with our questions and compare your responses to a specialist’s answer guidelines.
Coaching Session
40-minute Coaching Session with one of our UN specialized coaches. Learn how to proactively utilize your skills and abilities in the UN environment and how to develop frameworks for broadening your competency base.


Product details: 

(Study Topics)

  • File Size:  824 KB
  • File Format: PDF (Read on Any Device)
  • Print Length: 09 pages
  • Publisher: OpenIGO: 1st Edition
  • Publication Date: April 18, 2022

(UN YPP – Manual for Candidates)

  • File Size:  19 MB
  • File Format: PDF (Read on Any Device)
  • Print Length: 158 pages
  • Publisher: OpenIGO: 2nd edition
  • Publication Date: April 18, 2022


(General Paper Preparation Practice)

  • File Size: 2,05 MB
  • File Format: PDF (Read on Any Device)
  • Print Length: 41 pages
  • Publisher: OpenIGO: 2nd Edition.
  • Publication Date: April 18, 2022


(Specialized Paper Preparation – Social Affairs)

  • File Size: 274 KB
  • File Format: PDF (Read on Any Device)
  • Print Length: 9 pages (Written Exam Phase I Preparation)
  • Publisher: OpenIGO
  • Publication Date: May 10, 2022


(Specialized Paper Preparation – Statistics)

  • File Size: 231 KB
  • File Format: PDF (Read on Any Device)
  • Print Length: 7 pages (Written Exam Phase I Preparation)
  • Publisher: OpenIGO
  • Publication Date: May 10, 2022

(Coaching Session)

Number of coaching sessions: 1 (one)
Coaching session Length: 40 (forty) minutes each session;
Means of holding the coaching session: Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom, or Hangouts
Re-scheduling: Is allowed up to 48 hours before the scheduled time.


  • Language: English
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