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Book Description:

If you are looking for information on how to kick-start your career, you have come to the right place! Working for organizations that enable your career to thrive is a dream for many professionals across the globe, since these types of opportunities often combine good remuneration and a wide range of benefits with meaningful work.

As you go through the chapters of this eBook, you will be able to tell that there are work opportunities for professionals coming from very diverse academic backgrounds, therefore, the chances of you finding a vacancy that suits your profile are very high! Nonetheless, it is important that you know that selection processes to integrate the team of renowned and meaningful organizations tend to be quite competitive and, for this reason, a strong preparation is key for those who want to succeed. Our team is certain that you want to be amongst the successful candidates and this is exactly why OpenIGO Network has put this eBook together: to help you land the job of your dreams.

As we move on through the different stages of an application process, this manual will offer you preparation tips as well as detailed explanations and guidance for each stage – it will introduce you to opportunities with different types of organizations, give you insight on where to look for vacancies, assist you with relevant tips to write cover letters and will also get you ready for competency-based interviews.

This manual was written and revised by a team of Ph.D. professors, human resources specialists and intergovernmental organization staff with a great deal of diligence.

It is important to point out that when purchasing the e-Book you are also acquiring 30 days of support to clarify any queries about its content through an exclusive channel available on the OpenIGO Store “My Account” page. Our e-Book was written so as to maximize your chances of success in these competitive selection processes!

Here’s an overview of the chapters you will find in this e-Book:

Chapter Description:

Chapter 01 – Opportunities with Different Types of Organizations

Presents an overview of opportunities with different types of organizations. Besides private sector organizations of various types – which are usually the first institutions that people think of when talking about job opportunities -, there are also government aid agencies or bilateral organizations, development banks, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), multilateral agencies, local civil society organizations (CSO), foundations and charities, think tanks and academia, volunteer organizations, and consulting firms.

Chapter 02Competency-based Selection Processes and the Importance of Competencies and Values

Since the United Nations is a model for many organizations around the world, this chapter will introduce you to the United Nations’ notion of values and competencies. In a competency-based recruitment – such as those carried out by the organizations of the UN System – knowing these terms and how they are evaluated through the selection process is essential for candidates to succeed. In this chapter, find answer to questions such as: what are “competencies”? What is competency-based recruitment? How can the competencies desired by the United Nations be understood? Can competencies be developed?

Chapter 03Crafiting the Ideal Curriculum Vitae/Resume

Assists candidates to construct a strong Resume,which is essential to reinforce their chances of success in competitive selection processes and for them to stand out from the others. In this chapter, subjects such as the content and structure of an effective Resume, visual aspects and common mistakes will be covered and various tips provided. A sample Resume is also available.

Chapter 04Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Explains what a Cover Letter (CL) is, presenting its basic structure and assisting candidates in the process of writing an effective CL for their job application. A sample Cover Letter is also included.

Chapter 05 – How to Write an Effective Essay

Explains what an Essay is, its most common requirements and structure for job opportunities. Assists candidates in the process of writing an effective essay for any job opportunity.

Chapter 06 – Reference Letters

In many selection processes, candidates are asked to provide reference letters. These are the only documents which give third party opinions of the candidate, highlighting their competencies, knowledge and experience. These evaluations, prepared by a candidate’s referees, are of the utmost importance for succeeding in a competitive selection process. In this chapter, find answer to questions such as: what is a reference letter? How is it different from a letter of recommendation? Who should I ask to write a reference letter? How do I request this letter? What should a reference letter contain?

Chapter 07How to Ace the Interview for a Job Opportunity

Qualifies candidates, so that they perform successfully in their interview for a job opportunity. This chapter describes how the interview is carried out for most recruitment initiatives and what is expected from candidates during the process; it presents the interview method used by the selection team of most organizations and gives tips and suggestions for candidates to be better prepared for this stage of the selection process.

Chapter 08 – An Overview of the Assessment Center

Presents what the Assessment Center (AC) is, the main aim of this stage of many selection processes, as well offering essential preparation tips to optimize the candidate’s performance during this phase of a recruitment initiative.

Chapter 09Getting Ready to Start Work

Written to help new staff members to prepare and plan for the job opportunity before it starts, with issues such as: travel, accommodation, transport and a basic understanding of the first day at work.

Chapter 10Professionalism in the Workplace

Reminds professionals of good etiquette rules in the workplace, giving advice on topics such as: how a staff member can stand out within an organization, everyday work and how to maintain a good relationship with your bosses and work colleagues.

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