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WBG YPP Training Program: An Overview

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WBG YPP Training Program: An Overview

March 30, 2023

WBG YPP Training Program

After finally being selected in the final stage of the WBG YPP, Young Professionals (YPs) have to go through a Training Program intended to ensure that the new Yps develop the organization’s mentality, quickly acquire the knowledge required to understand and contribute to the WBG and strengthen the competencies required for the position.

How is that training period? What do you have to know before finally starting your career as a young professional at the World Bank Group? In this article, we will answer these questions and give you valuable tips to make sure you start at the WBG in the best possible way!

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Understanding the WBG YPP Training Program

The first two years of a young professional at the World Bank Group are made up of a training program comprising different types of activities aiming toward curriculum development. This is to ensure that the new young professionals develop the organization’s mentality, quickly acquire the knowledge required to understand and contribute to the WBG and strengthen the competencies required for the position (collaboration, leadership, integrated thinking and innovation skills).

Curriculum development covers various learning activities, such as on-board training, e-learning, discussions with WBG leaders, leadership training, career development talks and networking opportunities.

When they start working at the WBG, the young professionals receive their first two-week training course, which seeks to get them acquainted with the new organization and provides an overview of its operations.

WBG YPs start the program as one cohort in Washington, D.C., where they engage in intensive training on the fundamentals of leadership and operations at the World Bank, IFC and MIGA, and learn how to identify opportunities to collaborate for joint impact.

During the two-year curriculum, YPs also engage in mandatory rotations, where their skills can be developed and applied across the business. A rotation is an assignment in another area of our business with the objective of developing new technical or regional skills, adapting to new ways of doing business, expanding professional networks and exploring placement options for final posts.

WBG YPs will be expected to participate in at least one rotation within their home institution, while some will engage in additional rotations in another institution (the World Bank, IFC, or MIGA). Field-based rotations are strongly encouraged.


Coaching and Mentoring

The World Bank Group YPP also offers coaching and mentoring programs to the YPs, such as:

Peer Buddy: A YP Buddy is allocated to each young professional before entering the program; this is a young professional from the previous year, with similar professional interests and cultural profile. The YP Buddies assist the new recruits to become established in their position and the organization and also to understand the expectations and challenges of the program. In addition, links are created between the cohorts of young professionals.

Technical Buddy: When starting on the World Bank Group YPP, a Technical Buddy will be designated to the young professional; this is an experienced colleague from their area of expertise, who will serve as a reference point for answering technical questions from their field.

WBG Mentor: In the second year of the program, a WBG mentor will be designated to each young professional; this is a senior technical colleague with whom s/he can discuss career options, stretch/exposure assignment opportunities and obtain a greater understanding of the organizational culture.

The WBG YPP Office: WBG YPP staff are dedicated to recruiting and integrating YPs into the World Bank Group. The team coordinates learning activities, meetings and events designed to support YPs, such as mentorship assignments, networking events and career strategy meetings, among others. The program office is a one-stop-shop for Young Professionals looking for support and guidance.

WBG YPP Training Program


Valuable tips to face the WBG YPP Training Program

Making use of the coaching and mentoring aspect of the WBG YPP Training Program is essential for any YP looking to start their career at the Bank successfully! Which is why finding a more experienced mentor right away is advised. It doesn’t have to be a formal relationship, because professionals at the Bank are typically inclined to help YPs.

Besides that, another important tip is to be strategic in what kind of training to take part in when conflicting options are given. If you are not able to manage to attend all of the training aspects of the first two years being an YP, then make sure to select those that are more in line with competencies and skills that you need improving the most.

Finally, even though it is important to prioritize making connections with professionals from areas similar to yours, don’t discard networking with professionals from different backgrounds: you can get a lot of institutional knowledge from this, which can then be adapted and applied to your reality as a new YP at the Bank.


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