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Get prepared for digital interviews at the United Nations, World Bank or any other organization with our Recorded Interview preparation service. Many roles at the UN now have a stage where you’ll be faced with interviewed questions and challenged to answer them within a given time limit. Preparing for this with specialists that will evaluate your answers and put you on the path to success is key!

These digital/recorded interviews generally take place through online platforms, such as HireVue. You will be asked to record a video answering a few questions that pop up on the computer screen. There will not be a live panel at this stage, since it is a digitally and individually recorded interview.

Getting feedback from a professional who has extensive experience and knowledge of the United Nations and World Bank interview models will help you be better prepared for this phase, greatly increasing your chances of being selected for the next round!

Please note that this service is done only once. Therefore, make sure to send us the video after preparing yourself to the best of your abilities! 

Our team will customize the questions according to the specific selection process to which you are applying!

Service flow:

  1. Make the purchase on our store;
  2. Our team will send you 6 questions, based on common questions at UN/WB interviews;
  3. Then, you will record yourself answering these questions and send the video to us (uploading it in a Dropbox folder that we will share with you), simulating the actual interview;
  4. Our team of Ph.D. professors and specialists on the UN interview model will analyze this video minute by minute, and make suggestions for improvements within 1-2 business day(s);
  5. Then, we will send you their feedback in the e-mail you have used to access the shared Dropbox folder;
  6. After the service is completed, we will delete all the files from our system, as we do not keep the personal information of any of our clients.

Service details:

Video Length:  18 (eighteen) minutes

Video Language: English

Means of submitting the video: Dropbox (preferably)