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The United Nations YPP Full Package includes:

Book “United Nations Young Professionals Programme: Manual for Candidates” + one month of support to clarify any queries about the eBook’s contents + application review of your Personal History Profile (eligibility criteria, work experience, Cover Letter) + mock interview for the UN YPP selection process. With the purchase of this package, you will significantly increase your chances of being selected in the first round of the United Nations YPP selection process. A description of each product and service included in this package is provided on the side.

This package includes the following services and products: Quantity

UN YPP Application Review - PHP & Cover Letter

Our award-winning team, specialized in the United Nations YPP, will carry out proofreading (analyzing the content and its coherence, and correcting any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes) and a technical review (eligibility criteria and work experience) of your PHP and cover letter.


UN YPP Mock Interview

We offer you a mock interview with a specialized professional who has extensive experience. Therefore, you will feel more secure and greatly improve your performance during the interview phase.


United Nations Young Professionals Programme (YPP) 2024-25: Manual for Candidates + 1 month support.

This comprehensive eBook helps you perform successfully in the 2024-25 United Nations YPP selection process. It will introduce you to the complex world of the United Nations and it will guide you through all the stages of this competitive selection process. Upon acquiring the eBook you will also receive 30 days of support to clarify any queries.


The Full Package was prepared for confident people who are willing to invest in their dreams! With this package, you will highly increase your chances of success in every stage of the UN YPP! In addition, it’s the perfect opportunity to save some money by acquiring the eBook + Application Review + Mock Interview with a great discount!

UN YPP: Manual for Candidates (PDF) + 1 Month Support:
In this manual, you will learn/understand:

1. About the history and fundamental concepts of international organizations 
2. About the United Nations, its history, purposes and main organs
3. What the UN System is and how it is structured
4. What the UN YPP is
5. What are the UN working areas Young Professionals can work at
6. Whether or not you are eligible to apply for the program
7. What the stages of the selection process are
8. How to best complete each of these stages
9. What a competency-based process is and how the United Nations perceives competencies
10. How the screening of applicants is carried out
11. How to use the UN Secretariat’s virtual recruiting platform – Inspira
12. The best way to structure your cover letter and fill out your application
13. How to best prepare for and what to expect from the Written Examination
14. What competency-based interviews are and how they should be handled
15. What happens after you are selected – placement on the “Roster”, consideration and selection of rostered candidates

UN YPP Application Review Service:  (Cover Letter / Personal History Profile)
Proofreading – highly qualified native English proofreaders will check your writing, formatting, correct errors and suggest improvements;

Technical review – a team formed of PhD professors with vast experience at intergovernmental organizations will carry out a technical review of the documents that you submit to the United Nations YPP, offering feedback for improvement. The fit of your documents with the competencies sought by the UN YPP will be evaluated.

UN YPP Mock Interview
Experience an hour-long Mock Interview with a specialized professional as per the original UN YPP model! The entire experience is set to reproduce the interview in the same way that is carried out by the UN YPP recruiters! At the end of your mock interview, you will receive thorough feedback and tips to improve aspects that deserve special attention. 

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3 reviews for United Nations YPP Full Package

  1. Brunet Gerard

    Good cost-benefit if you consider applying for the UNYPP. The book contains detailed program information and the support provided by the team is great. I was also very satisfied with the mock interview, which provided professional feedback on my performance.

  2. Anonymous

    I purchased the comprehensive package (including resume/cover letter revision and mock interview) from OpenIGO. OpenIGO provided me the superb services along the way of my application. They gave me valuable feedback on my resume and cover letter, which is quite important in securing me the interview. Professionals are quite friendly and specialized in the “international organization” field, and they coached me in every detail to increase my possibilities in getting the offer. Big thanks to Tony, who is the daily contact in the process, he always made prompt reply to my email, and he analyzed the situations quite accurate when I had questions in the application process. I would say, OpenIGP provided me not only support on improving the application documents, but more importantly, they provided me moral support from every way. During my mock interview with two professionals from OpenIGO, they quickly identified my weakness in doing interview and provided me comprehensive feedback for improvement. And actually, they worked out an interview questions list which later to be proved that a lot of them have been asked during the real interview. I highly recommend services provided by OpenIGO with my full heart.

  3. Abdikadir Daud Hussein

    I can’t thank you enough for this amazing package. It covered everything I needed to know for the selection process, and the application review was incredibly helpful in identifying and rectifying my mistakes.

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