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World Bank Group YPP (2024-2025) - Initial Package

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$ 220,75

The World Bank YPP Initial Package includes:

eBook “World Bank YPP: The Essential Guide” + one month of support to clarify any queries about the eBook’s contents + application review of the documents required for the World Bank YPP selection process (essay, summaries of theses and/or dissertations and curriculum vitae). With the purchase of this package, you will significantly increase your chances of being selected in the first round of the World Bank YPP selection process. A description of each product and service included in this package is provided on the side.

This package includes the following services and products: Quantity

The World Bank Group YPP: The Essential Guide + 1 month support

This comprehensive eBook will help you perform successfully in the World Bank Group YPP selection process. Updated with a new essay sample for this year's edition. It will introduce you to the complex World Bank Group and its approach towards international development; it will teach you how to prepare each of the documents required in detail, and it will also get you ready for the interview and Assessment Center. Upon acquiring the eBook you will also receive 30 days of support to clarify any queries.


World Bank Group YPP (2024-2025) - Application Review

Our specialists in the World Bank YPP and former YPs will carry out proofreading and a technical review in 72 hours of the different documents you need to submit during the selection process (curriculum vitae; short summaries of dissertations and/or theses and the application essay) enormously increasing your chances of being selected!


Get ready for the WBG YPP (2024-2025) with our Packages! ⭐Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!⭐

With this package, you will highly increase your chances of success in the first round of the WBG YPP 2024-2025! In addition, it’s the perfect opportunity to save some money by acquiring the eBook + the Application Review with a special discount!

The WBG YPP The Essential Guide (PDF) + 1 Month Support:
Chapter 1 – Introduction to the World Bank Group YPP
Chapter 2 – The World Bank Group (WBG): understanding the organization
Chapter 3 – Navigating through World Bank knowledge
Chapter 4 – The World Bank Group development model timeline
Chapter 5 – The foundations of New Institutionalism and New Public Management applied to World Bank public policies
Chapter 6 – Online application form
Chapter 7 – Curriculum Vitae (Presents a CV Sample of a Successful Candidate)
Chapter 8 – How to write good dissertation and thesis summaries
Chapter 9 – Writing an effective essay (Presents updated essay samples for the WBG YPP)
Chapter 10 – Effective reference letters
Chapter 11 – The World Bank Group interviews
Chapter 12 -The World Bank YPP Assessment Center
Frequently Asked Questions
WBG YPP Application Review Service:  (CV, Cover Letter and Essays)
Proofreading – highly qualified native English proofreaders will check your writing, formatting, correct errors and suggest improvements;

Technical review – a team formed of PhD professors with vast experience at intergovernmental organizations will carry out a technical review of the documents that you submit to the World Bank YPP, offering feedback for improvement. The fit of your documents with the World Bank YPP policies and strategies will be evaluated.

OpenIGO Specialists 

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OpenIGO overall services are extremely well-rated by those who bought them! These are some of the testimonials we’ve had for our products:

24 reviews for World Bank Group YPP (2024-2025) – Initial Package

  1. Anonymous

    Definitely worth it. As someone who went in without a clear idea of what would be expected, the ebook and mock interview were incredibly informative. I particularly appreciated the feedback at the end.

  2. Anonymous

    Very happy I heard about OpenIGO during my application process, even though it was only once I started preparing for the interview/assessment stage. I doubted at first because of the cost, but I’m extremely happy I made the investment, because both the ebook and mock interview proved very useful.

  3. Anonymous

    Great service! The mock interview and book significantly improved my performance at the interview

  4. Anonymous

    The WorldBank YPP selection process is arduous, emotional and long! So, do yourself a service and invest in the wonderful services provided by OpenIGO. Their ebook is extremely informative and a very easy read. Using it, I was able to put forth a strong application and made it all the way through to the interview in this very competitive selection process. The book helps you to familiarize yourself with the WBG, and guides you to be able to write the strongest essay, CV and dissertation abstracts possible, given its chapters dedicated to them.


    Thanks, Openigo. I’m much more confident with my application right now! The ebook and the application review provided all information that I needed to be prepared for this arduous selection process.

  6. Jacob Steves

    The application review pointed out several mistakes and fragilities on my CV and Cover Letter and provided useful tips to improve it! I’m satisfied with this service. I recommend it!

  7. Sara Gordon

    Well, I didn’t expect the ebook would have so valuable information! In addition, the proofreading and the technical review really helped me to strengthen my application!

  8. Devin Anderson

    Really good. The reviewers did a great job with my documents and I really think they were stronger and in accordance with the program’s expectations, by the end of the review process.

  9. Rutuja rathod

    This package is the best option for anyone who are intending to prepare for the WB YPP 2020. Thanks!


    Great package! Definitely worth my money! They keep updating the ebook and gave us the opportunity to download the new version as much as we want! Thanks, Guys!

  11. Milton Moralles

    Well… let’s be honest! The version of the ebook I bought wasn’t updated for this year’s edition of the WBYPP. However, they updated it in time and gave us the new version. The CV and Essay samples really helped me to improve my application.

  12. Mamuhud Abdala

    Great package! It offers a good cost benefit for anyone who wants to be prepared and not to spend so much money! Thanks!

  13. Jim Ashel

    I enjoyed this package! Openigo provided really useful feedback on my application.

  14. Novie banua

    Thank you very much for this service! I highly recommend it!

  15. Anonymous

    The ebook is really useful to better understand the WBG and its organizational culture in a short period of time. As the first step in the YPP application process is essential, the application review is very insightful as to what the YPP selection team is expecting and how to get the best application possible.

  16. M. S.

    The app review is quite personal which is great as comments have taken into consideration the overall content of our cv and two essays. This helps us know what info has been mentioned more than once and what needs to be emphasized upon. What needs to be improved is mentioned clearly. We will also know whether we covered the essay topic in a successful way or not and what needs to be added.

  17. Anonymous

    The team is very professional. The comments and feedback on the essays and CV were very DETAILED . I HIGHLY recommend this service (Application Review) to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

  18. Adrian

    I have been selected for the interview round for YPP WB. You have a great help in the selection process. And I don’t think without your support and services I could reach to this level.

  19. Adriana Kennedy

    I received the feedbacks. They are excellent! I feel quite confident so I improved and sent off my application just now. And I’m thinking in contacting you again for a coaching opportunity.

  20. Kim Park

    I received the feedbacks. They are excellent! I feel quite confident so I improved and sent off my application just now. In case I do get an interview, I’ll contact you guys again for coaching opportunity.

  21. Anonymous

    I just wanted to say thank you for your feedback. I found the comments extremely helpful and very detailed. I’ve incorporated them fully into my application, and will be them in mind for what I write in the future.


    Excellent preparation package! Definitely this has exceeded my expectations! Thanks, OpenIGO.

  23. Gracious Nkaimbi

    Very good! The ebook provided all the information that I needed to prepare my essays for the WBG YPP. The application review also pointed out many mistakes that I didn’t notice. I hope that I can move on to the next round due to the support of you guys. Thanks!

  24. Adelaide Mawan

    I would like to thank you for the work you did on my documents. The feedback was exceptional. I learned alot from all the corrections you made and I also ensured I improved on everything as you highlighted.

    I am very grateful and I hope to get through this program this year.

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