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Understanding the UN YPP: Job Family X Job Network

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Understanding the UN YPP: Job Family X Job Network

April 24, 2022

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un ypp job families and job networks


Understanding the United Nations Young Professionals Programme in detail is the first step to succeeding in the selection process. This highly competitive recruitment initiative is carried out once a year and comprises several stages: an online application form, a writing test, and a competency-based interview.

Candidates who wish to apply must meet some basic eligibility criteria which include special requirements concerning educational background, nationality, age, and language skills. Every year, a different list of participating Member States is released by the United Nations; therefore, only certain nationalities are convoked to take part in the test. In addition, a timeline is released so that applicants can keep track of the selection process’ important dates and deadlines.

In this article, we’ll introduce to one of the most important distinctions to the UN YPP: the one between job networks and job families!

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Job Family X Job Network


The United Nations divides its staff working areas into job networks and job families. Within the same department/UN body, job networks and job families may co-exist, constituting a staff team with multidisciplinary knowledge and skills.

Each network encompasses a group of job families with common, related, and interrelated fields of work and functions, therefore their mandates, programs of work and interests are closely linked to one another.

Job families can also be defined as occupations and sub-occupations grouped into a common field of work and within a specific network, which makes it easier for UN staff members to access opportunities for developing new skills within their field of knowledge and gain exposure to different parts of the organization. It is important to note that Job Network is therefore more comprehensive than Job Family.

Every year, the application for the UN YPP selection process lists job categories according to these networks and families. You will know what to study for your exam based on the area for which you apply. Job opportunities change on an annual basis and could be available for an entire network or just for specific job families.

During the year of 2017, for instance, vacancies for the program were based on job networks, which meant that one area embodied all of their corresponding job families:

un ypp job families and job networks

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Every year, a suggested reading list is published by the UN regarding the different subjects of each of the exams that candidates can apply for based on the areas announced for the year.

Remember that when applying, you must choose only one area in which to submit your candidature. Otherwise, all of your applications will be disqualified.

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