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Book Description:

Working in the World Bank Group (WBG) is a dream for many. Understandably, since the Bank combines good remuneration and a wide range of benefits with meaningful work that can help millions of people and improve their quality of life. In addition, working for the World Bank (WB) means having a global career with a global reach, in a multicultural and pleasant environment; you will be able to construct influential networks and receive encouragement to develop professionally.

In pursuit of its mission, the OpenIGO network has prepared this comprehensive ebook to help candidates to be successful in the World Bank Internship Program, even if they do not have connections or previous experience at the Bank. Through the World Banl Internship ebook, you will learn up-to-date information about the World Bank Internship Program and what you need to be successful. It does not matter whether you intend to apply this year or in five years’ time, it will enable you to strategically develop your career and equip you for each of the selection stages.

Here’s an overview of the chapters you will find in this e-Book:

World Bank Internships: The Complete Guide

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the World Bank Internship Program
Chapter 2 – The World Bank Group (WBG): understanding the organization
Chapter 3 – Navigating through World Bank knowledge
Chapter 4 – The World Bank Group development model timeline
Chapter 5 – The foundations of New Institutionalism and New Public Management applied to World Bank public policies
Chapter 6 – Online application form
Chapter 7 – Curriculum Vitae
Chapter 8 – Writing an effective Statement of Interest
Chapter 9 – The World Bank Internship interview

Chapter description:

Chapter 1 Introduction to the World Bank Internship Program – presents the World Bank Internship Program characteristics; the minimum application requirements; the fields of study sought, activities developed, weekly workload, salary and selection process cycle, among others.

Chapter 2 The World Bank Group (WBG): understanding the organization – presents the WBG through its administrative organizations, its history, the role of its agencies, its decision- making system and strategic activities. This chapter is essential, since it is very common for candidates to have difficulties understanding this immense organization during the various WBG selection processes. Overcoming this difficulty is essential for those who wish to work there, since knowledge about the Bank and its strategies is required throughout the selection process.

Chapter 3 Navigating through World Bank knowledge – assists candidates to navigate through the different knowledge and information sources produced by the WBG. This knowledge is essential during the World Bank Internship Program selection process, helping candidates to prepare their curriculum; to write a Statement of Interest and to perform at the interview. Some of the questions which this chapter answers are as follows: What are the Bank’s main content repositories?; How is the e-learning platform structured and how does it operate? and What are the Bank’s main publica- tions and which should I read first?.

Chapter 4 The history of World Bank Group development models and Chapter 5 The essentials of neo-institutional economics and New Public Management – are complementary. Throughout its history, the World Bank Group has been supported by different theoretical models to develop its international development strategies and policies. Knowledge of these models (particularly the current one) is essential for WBG candidates, since they must present solutions to the questions posed during the selection process, which are in line with the organization’s way of thinking. Therefore, Chapter 4 presents a summarized history of the Bank’s international development models, from its creation until current times, while Chapter 5 explains the theoretical foundations of the current neo- institutional economics model, presenting its main premises and concepts and providing a study guide to help candidates gain a better understanding.

Chapter 6 Online Application Form – presents and gives detailed explanations of the World Bank Internship Program online application form, which is essential for candidates to gather the required information in advance, prepare the documents requested and avoid making any mistakes.

Chapter 7 Curriculum Vitae – assists candidates to construct a quality curriculum vitae (CV), which is essential to reinforce their chances of success in this competitive selection process and for them to stand out from the others. In this chapter, subjects such as the content and structure of an ef- fective CV, visual aspects and common mistakes will be covered and various tips provided. A sam- ple CV of a candidate who was successful in the World Bank Internship Program is also included.

Chapter 8 Writing an effective Statement of Interest – assists candidates in the process of writing an effective Statement of Interest for the World Bank Internship Program. Writing an effective Statement of Interest is a major challenge, since attention should be paid to its content, the vocabulary, the correct use of written language, its structure and organizing ideas. In this chapter, the following questions are answered: What is a Statement of Interest? How is it different to a Cover Letter or a Statement of Purpose? What content should be included in a Statement of Interest? How should I write an effective Statement of Interest? Additionally, this chapter also provides samples of Statements of Interest from candidates who were successful in the selection process.

Chapter 9 The World Bank Internship: interviews – qualifies candidates, so that they perform successfully in the World Bank Internship Program interview. This chapter describes how the interview takes place at the World Bank Internship Program and what this process expects from them; it presents the different interview methods used in this selection (especially the Behavioral Event Interview) and gives tips and suggestions for candidates to be better prepared for this stage of the selection process.

The chapters of this book are logically structured, in line with the World Bank Internship Program selection phases and the knowledge required to be successful in them. However, there is no single, correct way to read this book. It could be read in sequence, chapter by chapter, or you could chose to read it according to your most immediate needs. For example, if you are preparing for the interview, you may choose to read Chapter 9 first. However, reading the first five chapters, which cover general questions about the World Bank, is important and essential for a good performance in any of the selection stages.


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